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Bromium Announces Growing Adoption of Micro-Virtualization in the Fortune 500
Bromium, Inc., the pioneer and leader in transforming enterprise security using micro-virtualization, today announced that it has more than doubled revenue in the first three quarters of 2014 on a year-over-year basis. Bromium has seen a sharp increase in billings and number of customers during Q2 and Q3, as Fortune 500 customers across many verticals sought to bolster legacy endpoint security with a solution that defeats advanced attacks by design.

“The sophistication of cyber-attacks has continued to advance – and the almost daily disclosure of new breaches is a clear signal that legacy, detection-centric security technologies have failed,” said Gaurav Banga, co-founder and CEO, Bromium. “Last year, we saw a select group of innovative early adopters in the Fortune 500 lead the charge and pick Bromium. In 2014, leading enterprises in every market segment have realized they need a new approach to securing the enterprise, one that defeats advanced attacks and cuts the operational cost of security by eliminating remediation and false-alarms.”

Significant Momentum for Micro-virtualization: Nearly 100 industry leaders, including many Fortune 500 and several Fortune 10 firms have selected Bromium to secure themselves from advanced attacks. Bromium customers include four of the top five commercial banks, two of the top three insurance providers, and many leaders in manufacturing, retail, oil & gas. Bromium has also been selected by key government agencies to protect their critical infrastructure.

Pro-active protection for the Enterprise: With the proliferation of mobile and cloud computing, network-based technologies like the firewall are less effective, and the endpoint is the real perimeter for the enterprise. Over 70% of breaches start at the endpoint. Moreover, attackers are now able to create new flavors of malware rapidly, and re-active techniques based on signatures or rules are simply unable to keep up. Bromium’s technology is particularly attractive because it protects pro-actively, effective even against future flavors of malware.

“If we have a user who goes to a website that tries to execute bad stuff within the browser, Bromium stops that. It's not something traditional A/V software is going to catch because anti-viruses are signature-based and are largely reactionary. Bromium micro-virtualization abstracts applications and sub-processes from hardware and runs them in isolated environments,” said Ken Pfeil, CISO of Pioneer Investments, the investment arm of the global financial giant UniCredit. “If a browser tab on one of our user’s system, anywhere in the world, got redirected by a malware-serving advertisement, that malware would be isolated and could not affect that system or the enterprise. Bromium provides real-time feedback from the distributed perimeter of endpoints back to a central console. We know not only where the event occurred, we also have a detailed analysis. We have cut our response time from hours to minutes.”

Roland Cloutier, Global CISO of ADP and Simon Crosby, CTO and Co-founder of Bromium will be co-chairing an executive boardroom discussion: “Securing the Enterprise – The Biggest Bang for Your Buck” at the Evanta Global CISO Summit to be held in New York City on Oct 27-28, 2014.

Independent Security Validation: Leading security services vendor IOActive conducted an extensive source-code review and penetration test of Bromium vSentry, declaring the system secure. “The Bromium vSentry v2.4 system architecture and code implementation practices are sound, and no vulnerabilities were identified. Exhaustive penetration testing of the vSentry environment failed to breach the containment of a micro-VM or permit an attacker to compromise the Microvisor,” said Matt Rahman, VP Business Development, IOActive, Inc.

Strategic Corporate Partnerships: Bromium has expanded its relationships with key channel partners, including four of the top seven Federal systems integrators, a strategic partnership with SAIC, numerous partnerships with top security-centric solution providers, and an expansion into Canada with partners like The Herjavec Group and Scalar. Bromium has also inked technology partnerships with ForeScout to automate network defense and with LogRhythm to deliver accurate, actionable threat intelligence in real-time.

Enhanced Enterprise Policy Management and Broad Application Support: The Bromium solution offers powerful enterprise policy management and security operations automation. Bromium vSentry v2.4 protects both 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows on Intel and AMD devices, using CPU virtualization hardware features to protect the system. The product supports all versions of Internet Explorer and Chrome, and files from detachable storage, email attachments, and the web. vSentry also offers powerful features that enable users to securely collaborate with third parties without need to trust unknown Office and PDF documents.

Company Recognition: Bromium earned the “2014 Innovation Award” from SC Magazine and was recognized as one of the “10 Coolest Virtualization Start-ups of 2014” by CRN. Recently LinkedIn named Bromium as one of “The Bay Area’s 10 Most InDemand Startups of 2014”. Bromium CEO & Co-founder Gaurav Banga was recognized by Goldman Sachs as one of “100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs of 2014.”

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