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Canonical Introduces a New Hypervisor Called LXD

Dustin Kirkland, Product Manager at Canonical introduces LXD (lex-dee), a new hypervisor that delivers capabilities to LXC containers that cloud users demand in scale out infrastructure.  LXD is a persistent system daemon developed to enable the secure management and live migration of LXC (lex-cee) containers via an easy to use command line interface and REST API.

In this new hypervisor system, LXC will be the client, LXD the server -- developers will be able to run LXD on all the machines where they want to create and tear down these environments, and use LXC to drive the process from anywhere on the network.

LXD allows for:

  • Complete operating system functionality within containers, not just single processes
  • Maximum density of guests per host, providing a cost benefit when running in a public cloud
  • Easy management and sharing of hardware resources, and easy monitoring of customer processes directly from the host level
  • REST API, and simple, single command line with proper help and documentation
  • Support for architectures under-served by full virtualization
  • Rapid provisioning, instant guest boot
  • Tightly integrated with remote image services
  • Secure by default, with AppArmor, user namespaces, SECCOMP
  • Implemented in Go, offering improved performance, concurrency, typing, and networking
  • Intelligent, extensible storage and networking

Watch the video to hear more about it.


Published Tuesday, November 04, 2014 6:12 PM by David Marshall
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