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OpDemand Announces Deis 1.0

OpDemand, the commercial entity behind the open source Deis project, today announced the release of Deis 1.0. During the past 16 months of development, Deis has incorporated best-of-breed technologies from Docker, CoreOS, Ceph and Heroku. Deis is now the first production-ready PaaS built from the ground up to leverage Docker.

"Modern software teams need a self-service platform that helps them iterate faster by abstracting away the underlying infrastructure," said Gabriel Monroy, CTO at OpDemand and the creator of Deis. "As software teams transition to microservices and service oriented architectures, Deis is their solution for application lifecycle management."

Deis is an open source application platform that makes it easy to deploy and manage applications on servers you control. Deis builds upon Docker and CoreOS to provide a private PaaS with a Heroku-inspired workflow that dramatically simplifies large-scale platform operations. The 1.0 milestone signifies Deis has a stable API, broad feature set and a solid component architecture that is easy to install and operate at scale.

"We're thrilled to see Deis announce a production-ready release powered by CoreOS," said Alex Polvi, CEO of CoreOS. "As technologies like Deis reach stable, companies now have more opportunities to embrace a distributed systems approach.”

Since its initial release in August 2013, Deis has experienced tremendous community growth and adoption:

  • 2,800+ stars on GitHub
  • 70+ contributors
  • 1,150+ closed issues

“Deis has been handling production traffic at ShopKeep for some time now," said Duncan Grazier, Director of Engineering at ShopKeep. "Our engineering team needs to move fast and a lightweight PaaS like Deis helps make that possible. We plan to use Deis for more of our workloads now that 1.0 is here.”

The Deis 1.0 feature set includes:

  • Platform Quality - Deis has been battle-tested by the open source community to handle production enterprise workloads
  • Streamlined Installation - Deis can now be installed on a CoreOS cluster in under 30 minutes using a simple command-line utility
  • High Availability - The entire Deis platform is highly-available and can tolerate failure of any host in the cluster
  • Proven Workflows - Deis ships with three deployment workflows: Heroku Buildpacks, Dockerfiles and native Docker Images
  • Comprehensive Documentation - Docs for developers and operators have been expanded, improved and consolidated into a single documentation site
  • Run Anywhere – Deis runs on public cloud, private cloud and bare metal with certified support for Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine, Digital Ocean, Rackspace, OpenStack and VMware

With the 1.0 release, OpDemand is committed to ensuring backwards compatibility and long-term support for commercial users of Deis. OpDemand’s Pro and Enterprise support packages supplement the capabilities of DevOps teams operating Deis by providing web and email support, remote troubleshooting assistance and automatic platform upgrades.

“In the financial services industry it is critical to run on infrastructure you control," said Manuel de Brito Fontes, CTO of SOFICOM. “After evaluating a range of private PaaS solutions, Deis now powers 100% of our traffic and reduced the work required to manage our software by 80%. We're fortunate to be working with the team at OpDemand to ensure SOFICOM can continue to scale on whatever infrastructure we choose.”

Published Tuesday, November 11, 2014 4:21 PM by David Marshall
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