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Porticor Helps SaaS Providers and Information Service Vendors Protect Customer Data on AWS
Porticor, a leading cloud data security company delivering the only cloud-based key management and data encryption  solution that infuses trust into the cloud and keeps cloud data confidential, today announced that its Virtual Private Data (VPD) platform enables SaaS providers and information service vendors to secure customers' private data in service offerings running on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

As a result, cloud providers can secure cloud-based Protected Health Information (PHI), helping them meet HIPAA and Safe Harbor compliance, as well as a variety of other compliance regulations, such as PCI, enabling them to offer compliance services in new industries governed by compliance regulations.  The solution will be demonstrated at AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas this week in Porticor's Booth Number 457.  For more information, see:

Recent attacks on iCloud, IaaS virtualization vulnerabilities, and the NSA PRISM scandal are all highlighting the need to properly secure information in the cloud.  Data encryption is an important first step in any cloud security strategy, but key management is the critical component for users.  The most secure approach to key management is for users to control their own keys without needing to trust their cloud provider. Users should also not bind themselves to key management hardware, since this impacts cloud operations and ease of use.

"We are an implementer of cloud-based human resources information systems and we needed encryption of data at rest on MySQL databases running on AWS," said Russell Allen, Technology Operations Manager at OneSource Virtual.  "We selected Porticor over competing solutions because it is the only solution that has high security while offering a hassle free cloud interface.  It is easy to set up and we had it up and going in less than an hour.  Our development team can develop natively with their preferred stack without having to use any special drivers or development frameworks, which a great feature for us.  What really attracted us was Porticor's key management, which initially was a secondary concern for us to data encryption."

Prior to Porticor, software vendors struggled to enforce security rules to protect different customer organizations separately in multi-tenant environments.  Porticor's key management solution and its RESTful API specifically implement and automate the key management process to keep customers' information private and segregated.  Porticor is the industry's only solution to automate key generation per customer organization, using a fully cloud-based solution and a RESTful API approach.

"When we started Wealthminder, security of our users' credentials was critical," said Matthew Hagopian, CTO, Wealthminder.  "Being in the cloud made that all the more difficult.  We found the Porticor solution a perfect way to augment our data security within AWS and keep each user's data safe.  The RESTful key management API was easy to integrate and has been a solid architectural choice for us."

"Prior to the availability of Porticor for AWS, some providers remained insecure and couldn't operate in compliance industries, while others had to ask their customers to encrypt their own data, which was expensive and inefficient for end customers," said Ariel Dan, Porticor Co-Founder and Executive VP.  "Porticor allows SaaS vendors to control the entire encryption and key management, providing security as part of their stack offering.  Porticor's unique solution supporting AWS allows SaaS vendors to encrypt their customers' data using a 100 percent virtual approach."

While other solutions require encryption keys to be manually managed for every disk, distributed storage or database record, or to be owned by a cloud provider, Porticor's homomorphic split-key encryption technology eliminates both complexity and compromises.  Porticor restores key ownership to customers while automatically managing customer encryption keys with maximum security.  With homomorphic key management, the keys are protected at all times - even while they are in use.  Porticor protects the entire data layer stack, including virtual disks, distributed storage, databases, and applications.  It dynamically encrypts and decrypts virtual data whenever the application needs access, and delivers a key management system that is fully hosted in the cloud, yet offers the confidentiality, security and trust of a system that is hosted inside the datacenter.  Within minutes, customers can encrypt their entire data layer with the proven AES 256-bit encryption algorithm.

Pricing and Availability

Available today, pricing for Porticor's Virtual Private Data starts at $599 per month.  Customers can evaluate Porticor free of charge from:

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