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Pica8 2015 Prediction: SDN Use Cases Will Blossom


Virtualization and Cloud executives share their predictions for 2015.  Read them in this series exclusive.

Contributed article by James Liao, CEO and Co-Founder, Pica8

2015: SDN Use Cases Will Blossom

SDN has been seen as a laboratory experiment until now, but in 2015 we'll see several commercial use cases developing. The general idea is to implement policy-based networking, so that network changes are based on business logic rather than specific L2/L3 adjustments. With SDN controllers in their networks, businesses can operate more efficiently and cost-effectively. Here are five use cases that we'll see in 2015.

  1. Data Center-to-Data Center Connections - Using an SDN controller to manage flows between public and private clouds will create a true hybrid cloud infrastructure. SDN controllers enable proactive intelligence guiding these flows, ensuring that best-effort technologies don't interfere with premium traffic and providing application-specific SLA assurance. It will also enable true, geo-based load balancing. Service providers and enterprises will be trialing this use case to manage connections with peering points, campuses, and metro access networks.

  2. Router Marketing - SDN is ideal for leveraging high performance commoditized hardware and software to build a new kind of routing device. Why pay $1M for a router when you can get distributed resiliency for $100,000?  With software-defined granular control, enterprises can build business logic into the routed pipe and gain high service velocity.

  3. Enterprise Campus - IT needs to be simple to scale in the enterprise, and IT managers want policies to be the modus operandi. From mobile device usage to access control to security, IT managers want things to be under policy control to reduce administrative overhead and improve responsiveness. SDN brings this policy control to the network.

  4. Network Taps - SDN allows users to implement dynamic network taps, so the tap can be dynamically tuned for the situation based on policies. This ends the practice of buying multiple taps with specific functions to address specific situations. 

  5. Inside the Data Center - Enterprises want to reduce IT management spending and overall networking costs, and SDN will deliver. OpenStack has critical mass in the market and bare-metal switching is catching on as a far more cost-effective solution.

These use cases will emerge as the leading examples of how SDN is redefining networking in 2015 by bringing solid value to the enterprise and service provider data center.


About the Author

James Liao leads strategy and growth efforts for Pica8 as it shapes the SDN space. He has a proven track record in networking product innovation and development: before founding Pica8, James led product strategy for switching and data center products at original device manufacturer Quanta. He also built world-class engineering teams at both Woven Systems and 3UP Systems. Born in Taiwan, James holds an MS in Computer Science from Stanford University.
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