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How to Make BYOIT Work for You


A Contributed Article by Gene Kupfer, Director, Product Support and Services at Unifyle

If you're worried about users moving data between unmanaged devices and  your public and private network and the various potential problems this presents with security and bandwidth, you should check out our solution at Unifyle. Unifyle can untangle the mess that BYOIT can cause and bring order back into your network.

Don't spend any more time or money to build a private cloud solution, because this will only compound the issue. Instead, with Unifyle you can take all your file sharing services, both internal and external and combine them into a single cloud like solution through a single user interface.

Unifyle is made by the same people that created, and our team has recently moved out of beta and we are providing everyone an opportunity to download and test our solution for free. See links at the end of this article to sign-up for a trial download and there are zero obligations. But I think after you see what Unifyle can do, you'll want to follow up with us.

Here is just a high level overview of what you can achieve with Unifyle.
  • Unifyle delivers an on-premises solution
  • It creates a single interface for connecting all the cloud services that your employees want to use
  • It can convert file sharing on solutions such as Sharepoint and services like network shares into a cloud like service
  • Unifyle delivers functionality such as being able to search across all your connected services, copy and move files between services and create share links for files.
  • Complete Webdav integration. Users can configure all their storage services (File share, Sharepoint, Box, Google Drive, FTP etc.,) in Unifyle. Then, they can "mount" Unifyle as another drive on their computer (both Mac and PC are supported), and access all their Unifyle connected services directly from their computers file explorer/manager.
  • Integration with Citrix
  • The best thing...All of this can be done from a single interface and without ever moving a file from its original location!

Unifyle is also built with security in mind. The only time a file will move from one point to another is if it's downloaded to the local device. For example, if you copy a file from Drive to Sharepoint, the transfer happens between those services. Files can be shared on any of your connected services and you can even create a password protected link with an expiration. This link allows access to this single file, no account required and nothing else is visible or accessible to people with that link.

Here's an example of one of the powerful features of Unifyle. Let's say Amy wants to send some files to Joe, but she doesn't have an account on his Sharepoint site. Joe can create a folder on his site and share this folder with Amy. Amy can then upload files directly into this folder. She will not have access to anything on that Sharepoint site except for this one, and this is done without having to create an account for Amy. This is how we turn BYOIT into a positive. Users are able to be more efficient, because they can manage their own environment and without any negative impact to security or bandwidth.

In today's BYOIT corporate environment, at a high-level, your network might look something like this.



After implementing Unifyle...



Unlike many other solutions, we do not change how people work, we empower them with the simplicity of being able to interact with all their data from a single interface.

Check out this article from Srinivasa (Venky) Venkataraman on, to read what one of the founders of Unifyle and Primadesk has to say. Click here now to read it.

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About the Author

Gene Kupfer is Director, Product Support and Services at Unifyle. Gene is also an editor and contributor for, MobileBuzz.Guru and Gene has worked in the tech industry for 20 years. His experience includes managing small and large networks utilizing various technologies, such as those from Novell, Microsoft, VMWare, Citrix and various thin and virtualization solutions. Click here to read more... 

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