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BlueStripe Software 2015 Predictions: The Year of Everything Cloud


Virtualization and Cloud executives share their predictions for 2015.  Read them in this series exclusive.

Contributed article by Vic Nyman, COO and Co-Founder of BlueStripe Software

2015 – The Year of Everything Cloud

It's that time of year when everybody starts writing their predictions for the next year.  In IT, we can write about anything and everything (and we usually do).  For Cloud fans, I thought about what 2015 holds in store for all of us.  In the past several years we've had predictions about the Year of Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Public Cloud, Software as a Service, and probably a few others as well. 

More often than not, the trend that it was going to be the "year of" had a good year because Cloud implementations are growing every year - across the board.

So in that spirit, here is my prediction of what 2015 will be the year of: "Everything" Cloud.  What we're seeing with our partners and clients is that regardless of what Cloud implementation is planned, almost every company will end up with some combination of Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Cloud Services.

"Hey, that sounds like Hybrid Cloud," you may be thinking to yourself.

The difference is that in 2015, the Hybrid model will be the standard implementation practice by Public Cloud providers. You can see that from Microsoft's October announcement expanding the coverage and functionality of Azure Pack. In addition, it shows up in the keynotes at the Amazon's recent AWS conference.  Public cloud providers have recognized that not all workloads will run on their public systems.  Even further, they're actually building tools to encourage it.

That's why I'm referring to this year's flavor of Hybrid Cloud environments as "Everything Cloud."

So what does that mean for IT Operations? First, it means truly unparalleled flexibility when deciding how to implement computing resources. 

Want some Azure-based Web Servers? No problem!

Want to stick that database server on AWS? No problem!

Want to tie them both together with some on-premise virtual and physical systems running in your data center? No problem!

Okay, so maybe we now have a little problem, because managing performance across a Hybrid Cloud architecture is challenging. The best way to manage Hybrid environments is to focus on their purpose - applications - especially as they cross between on-premise servers, cloud servers, and cloud-based services.

So as you look to implement your flavor of the Everything Cloud in 2015, remember to include the checkbox for an end-to-end Cloud-based application management tool in your overall plan.


About the Author

Mr. Nyman is a successful veteran of multiple ventures in the systems and application management field. Before founding BlueStripe, Mr. Nyman served as Chairman and CEO of Relicore in the ITSM Discovery and Configuration management market. Mr. Nyman has also held positions with Wily Technology and IBM. Mr. Nyman holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois and an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.

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Once again, how great is it to be a part of the virtualization and cloud industries? 2014 was another banner year, and we witnessed a number of fantastic technologies take shape and skyrocket. And I, along with many industry experts and executives, media

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