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Docker Announces Docker Hub Enterprise

Docker, Inc., the company behind the open platform for distributed applications, today announced Docker Hub Enterprise (DHE) – a new product addition to the Docker platform that brings key workflow capabilities for developers and sysadmins managing a dynamic lifecycle behind the enterprise firewall. Docker Hub Enterprise will leverage and extend the capabilities of Docker Hub, the popular hosted service that enables developers to share, distribute and collaborate on Dockerized distributed applications. Offering these critical application lifecycle workflow capabilities in a dedicated form factor meets the security and governance requirements of a class of enterprises that require their software intellectual property (IP) in a control point that is solely their own. Docker also announced that a number of industry leading partners, including IBM and Microsoft will be bringing DHE to market as part of broader product and service offerings.

DHE provides enterprises with a turn-key solution that allows their developers to focus on creating multi-container distributed applications behind-the-firewall. Distributed applications are portable applications that are rapidly composed of discrete interoperable Docker containers, have a dynamic lifecycle, and can scale to run in concert anywhere from the developer’s laptop to hundreds of hosts in the cloud. Applications can be built by combining Dockerized services from the organization’s private repositories, the growing list of Docker Official repositories, and that from the 60,000+ public Dockerized services hosted in Docker Hub. Prior to DHE, to get behind-the-firewall functionality, enterprises would have to cobble together open source software and an ecosystem of tools which would require significant resources to set-up and maintain.

Docker Hub Enterprise for Enterprise-Grade Application Lifecycles

“Docker Hub Enterprise is Docker’s foundation for establishing relationships with our rapidly expanding enterprise customer base, who view the Docker open platform as the cornerstone of their distributed application strategy. These organizations want a behind-the-firewall solution that enables them to leverage both the broader ecosystem and the more dynamic development environment that Dockerization has enabled,” said Ben Golub, CEO of Docker. “Our vision for DHE is that it will evolve from the place to share and collaborate on distributed applications to a strategic control point for both developers and sysadmins to manage all aspects of the application development lifecycle – from build through production – on any infrastructure they choose.”

DHE and its initial feature set leverages Docker’s experience in engaging with over 100,000 users and organizations using the hosted version of Docker Hub. It reflects user-driven feedback on what features and workflows are most important to them when building their Dockerized distributed applications.

The DHE feature set for its first release includes:

  • Rapid install and GUI configuration
  • Store, manage and collaborate on Docker images
  • Architected for high-availability and horizontal scalability
  • Resumable push/pull of images
  • Flexible storage capabilities
    • Local filesystem, in-memory, AWS S3 and Azure Storage
  • Architected for expanded application lifecycle capabilities

Backed By Unrivaled Industry Leading Partners

Docker Hub Enterprise will be available through Docker Authorized Partners. IBM, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have been working closely with Docker to make DHE available to their customers through our partnerships. These three partners represent unrivaled go-to-market opportunities for DHE that include respectively: the largest software services company, the largest vendor of software and the largest cloud provider.

IBM will deliver DHE to its customers as an on-premise solution and also as a cloud offering. “As enterprises demand tools that allow them to develop applications in a consistent and easy manner, Docker containers have quickly become the de facto building block for doing so,” said Angel Diaz, vice president of Open Technology and Cloud Performance Solutions at IBM. “This strategic partnership between IBM and Docker is the first of its kind to provide enterprises with integrated tools and services they need to automate application deployment across the public cloud and on-premise cloud centers.”

Azure will make DHE available as an optimized, pre-built virtual machine image within the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and will allow customers to build Dockerized distributed applications on its enterprise-grade cloud solution. “Docker Hub Enterprise represents a great opportunity for Microsoft and its global enterprise customer base,” said John Gossman, architect for Microsoft Azure. “Enterprises using either Linux or Windows can deploy DHE from the Azure Marketplace using our enterprise-grade public cloud platform, enabling them to build a new generation of hybrid distributed applications.”

On AWS, Docker Hub Enterprise will be available as AWS Test Drives and AWS Quick Start Reference Deployments. AWS Test Drives are automated proof-of-concepts where customers can quickly explore software architectures dynamically deployed on AWS in minutes and at no cost to the customer. After exploring on AWS Test Drives, the AWS Quick Start Reference Deployments are scripted reference designs to help customers quickly get started with production deployments on AWS in a consistent and well-architected manner. These Reference Deployments launch, configure, and run the AWS compute, network, storage, and services resources in a customer’s account to quickly deploy DHE on AWS.

Availability and Pricing

Docker Hub Enterprise is being previewed at DockerCon EU and will be available for early access in February 2015. Those customers requesting early access can sign up for the waitlist at Pricing for Docker Hub Enterprise will be announced at the time of early access.

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