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CohesiveFT 2015 Predictions: Four Ways Every Organization will Tackle Security Across the Hybrid Cloud


Virtualization and Cloud executives share their predictions for 2015.  Read them in this series exclusive.

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It's official - global enterprises have truly embraced cloud computing: data centers can now connect to public clouds and private clouds, efficiently use compute capacity and energy, and connect resources around the globe in an instant.

For everyone responsible for an enterprise cloud, a corporate network, or just interested in the hybrid cloud, we see 4 trends that will impact everything you do in 2015.

1) Cloud federation becomes real

Hybrid cloud and multi-cloud have become very popular terms in 2014. Analysts and writers talk about the ideal cloud solution that connects private clouds to public clouds and colocation resources to private data centers around the globe, but what enterprises really want when they talk about hybrid clouds are federated resources.

Ease of use, high throughput, quick implementation, low costs and functionality are the most important aspects for the people that use cloud - public, hybrid, whatever. When cloud resources are federated, users can easily use systems and move workloads around as needed. The dust from the cloud price wars of 2014 will settle and the users will emerge as the real winners. Cloud users will choose the best interoperable systems to create federated clouds in 2015.

Cloud users really don't care where their resources are physically, or how much fiber exists between data center locations. What counts is a secure network with enterprise applications that just work.

--Ryan Koop, co-founder, director of products and marketing,

2) Compartmentalized cybersecurity will go mainstream

In 2015, application specific cybersecurity accountability will be delegated to DevOps. That's right, the teams responsible for each application will be asked to take responsibility for securing their application. Just as agile methodologies, data center virtualization, and rapid release cycles allowed the DevOps collaboration between Dev, QA, and Ops, 2015 will see the introduction of Cybersecurity into the DevOps model of cross departmental collaboration. ...DevOps meets DevSec...

In 2015 pundits will discover application specific security is orders of magnitude simpler to comprehend, implement and operate. Why? Because the DevOps team can narrowly focused the behaviors of their modules, interfaces, and users.

--Dwight Koop, co-founder, COO,

3) Encrypted VLANs will cripple edge intrusion detection

In 2015 encryption will be used inside the data center to protect data in motion and at rest. Traditionally, encryption has been used from the network-edge to interface across untrusted third party network. Cybersecurity experts including the FBI warn that this is far too risky a model. In 2015 we will see leading enterprise organizations use encryption to isolate LANs and VLANs - potentially all the way up to the application-by-application level LANs. Intrusion detection systems currently deployed at the enterprise level will be rendered useless since they depend on packet inspection. In reaction, intrusion detection will need to be re-deployed in a decentralized model.

--Dwight Koop, co-founder, COO,

4) Containers and VMs get together to solve the security issues holding back a containerized cloud

Container based services like Docker are already all over the cloud. Yet in every case the services are running containers inside of VMs, with the VM providing a customer centric security perimeter. This somewhat squanders the opportunity offered by containers to move the decimal on RAM usage, CPU load and startup time. The fight to secure Linux containers for a multi tenant environment looks like a hopeless one, with too many variables causing too much complexity. The answer seems to be to simplify the containment mechanism - using something that looks just like a VM. That's what VMware's project Fargo and Canonical's LXD seem to be aiming for, and 2015 should see the fruits of those labors emerge into enterprise and public cloud environments.

--Chris Swan, CTO, 

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