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ConteXtream Announces First Commercially-Available OpenDaylight-Based, Carrier-Grade SDN Fabric for NFV

ConteXtream, a leading provider of carrier-grade network virtualization solutions, today announced the launch of ContexNet 4.0, the first commercially-available OpenDaylight-based, carrier-grade software-defined networking (SDN) fabric for network functions virtualization (NFV). ContexNet 4.0 helps carriers avoid commoditization of their products and develop new revenue streams by creating a more flexible and programmable network through a SDN/NFV model.

According to Ovum’s recent World Cellular Data Metrics report (, LTE subscriptions are expected to rise to more than 2 billion by 2019, increasing from 250 million today. Along with this growth in subscribers, carriers are experiencing significant growth in voice and data usage, placing added pressure on the network. However, while network usage continues to grow, carriers are also seeing a significant drop in data pricing with an estimated decrease of 77 percent during the first nine months of 2014, according to Chetan Sharma’s Q3 2014 report ( As a result, carriers are finding it harder to reinvest in the network - putting them at risk of becoming commoditized as voice and data only providers, while over-the-top providers like Facebook, Twitter and others are seeing significant increased revenue from mobile.

To combat this trend, carriers are looking to SDN and NFV to virtualize their networks so they can decrease costs and be more nimble to capitalize on current market trends. ContexNet 4.0 helps carriers overcome deployment challenges and enables them to pursue new revenue opportunities by leveraging an industry-standard approach that easily integrates into existing infrastructure and provides the flexibility needed to quickly introduce and support new services. This paves the way for service providers to offer more personalized, a la carte-style plans to consumers, such as video or music streaming, without straining the network as a whole.

Taking advantage of OpenDaylight, OpenStack, OpenFlow and other industry standards, ContexNet 4.0 provides unsurpassed scale, supporting millions of subscribers with customized service profiles, as well as the resiliency, high-availability and extendibility requirements for carriers’ unique network needs. This complies with the Internet Engineering Tasks Force (IETF) horizontal standard interfaces for network virtualization, allowing operators to create programmable networks that are not only flexible and self-healing, but also have a high degree of consistency. The solution also allows for geographically dispersed sites to be unified and operate as a single network.

To learn more about ContexNet 4.0 visit:

Published Tuesday, December 09, 2014 12:43 PM by David Marshall
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