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Netskope 2015 Predictions - The Year of Big Data for Security, Cloud and Mainstream Shadow IT


Virtualization and Cloud executives share their predictions for 2015.  Read them in this series exclusive.

Contributed article by Sanjay Beri, CEO and founder of Netskope

The Year of Big Data for Security, Cloud and Mainstream Shadow IT

The world of infosec continues to move the focus from the general to the specific. We used to worry about protecting computer systems, platforms and networks. Today, we protect the crown jewels of any corporation -- the data, regardless of where it resides, whether it's in a smartphone, a desktop or the cloud.

Big Data will enable Big Security

In 2015, we will see Big Data technologies used to protect corporate data in ways that traditional endpoint and signature-based security technologies just can't because of the fluid nature of computing and data storage. Companies will increasingly adopt technologies that are context-aware, that know what is happening to their data, who is accessing it and from where, in order to be able to analyze trends and detect anomalies and suspicious activities. Seeing the big picture with all this information and using machine learning, companies will be able to predict events and be more proactive, instead of reactive, when it comes to security.

From Data Centers to Cloud

We will continue to see adoption of cloud services as enterprises large and small decide against building their own data centers and instead focus their money and resources on their core businesses. Unless you are a big player like Amazon, Google or Facebook, it just doesn't make sense to take on that kind of infrastructure. I've had conversations with a number of Fortune 500 customers recently and they're all effectively saying that they just can't justify such a massive portion of their budget for such an undertaking. They note that cloud offerings have matured and there are innovative next-generation security solutions to enable these cloud solutions to meet stricter security and compliance requirements.

Shadow IT goes Mainstream

IT admins who continue to be in denial about employee use of unsanctioned devices and apps are becoming dinosaurs. In 2015, we'll see Shadow IT go mainstream. Those organizations that don't have, or don't believe they have, Shadow IT are either dying, extremely regulated, or have their head in the sand. By mainstream I mean that organizations will move from a position of seeing this trend as negative and they'll start to look to BYOD and MDM initiatives for competitive advantage to streamline business processes and harness the agility and innovation they can provide. Given recent innovations in the cloud security and analytics market, this will be easier for organizations to do in an efficient way.


About the Author

Sanjay Beri brings nearly two decades of innovation, experience, and success in networking and security technology, and a unique business sense, to his role as founder and CEO of Netskope. He has held leadership positions at Juniper Networks, Ingrian Networks, McAfee and numerous other companies.  
Published Thursday, December 11, 2014 6:20 AM by David Marshall
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