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VMTurbo and Arista Networks Announce API Integration of Arista Networks EOS+, LANZ and VMTurbo Network Control

VMTurbo and Arista Networks today announced a joint solution, bringing the two industry disruptors together to deliver efficient decision automation within Arista environments. This union further solidifies both VMTurbo’s control across the full IT stack and enhanced network control, as well as Arista’s dedication to providing software driven cloud networking solutions for large data center and high-performance computing environments. The announcement leveraged Arista’s EOS+ platform, a software platform for network programmability and automation.

“The EOS+ platform, and in particular vEOS, enabled VMTurbo to rapidly develop a joint solution that assures virtualized workload performance while maximizing network infrastructure efficiency” said Geeta Sachdev, CMO of VMTurbo. “The combination of Arista EOS+ and VMTurbo delivers demand-driven control to the most advanced networks on the planet, matching real time demand with network, compute and storage supply to achieve application-specific SLAs and business goals.”

Arista LANZ Integration

Arista Latency Analyzer (LANZ) is a breakthrough technology that tracks sources of congestion and latency with real time, microsecond reporting. As adoption of 2-tier 10/40/100 GbE architectures has exponentially increased bandwidth across today’s cloud scale environments, so too has it introduced new network management complexities. Integration between VMTurbo and Arista Networks LANZ enables not only real time congestion tracking, but also congestion and latency prevention through network-and-port-buffer-aware traffic engineering, driven by VMTurbo’s Unified Demand-Driven Control Platform.

“We are excited to partner with VMTurbo, adding an automatable decision engine to the intelligence and configurability offered by Arista and the EOS+ ecosystem” said Ed Chapman, VP of Business Development and Alliances, Arista Networks. “Customers can rest assured their workloads are always optimally placed by VMTurbo on a backbone built and provided by Arista.”

VMTurbo Network Control

In November, VMTurbo introduced its Network nControl, which adds network flow metrics such as NetFlow and sFlow as additional dimensions to the definition of the desire states. By dynamically grouping interdependent VMs, VMTurbo Unified Demand-Driven Control Platform manages the tradeoffs between compute, storage and network latency; automating the ongoing VM placement decisions to minimize latency overall. Network Control empowers customers to maximize the value of high bandwidth network investments by augmenting application performance through network-aware workload placement.

“Our alliance with Arista, and ongoing technical integrations with Arista APIs, furthers the value for customers of both solutions” said Shmuel Kliger, Founder and President of VMTurbo. “Arista removes network boundaries while VMTurbo controls boundary-less workload movements around the network and ensures proper utilization and total value realization for Arista customers. Our integration with LANZ, specifically, will allow us to shape network traffic with a-priori knowledge of existing and developing congestion on the network.”

Rapid ROI for VMTurbo-Arista Customers

Together, VMTurbo and Arista deliver a solution that fully mitigates unpredictable network microbursts, dynamically shapes network traffic, and maximizes utilization of Arista networking investments. This compatibility also mitigates buffer overflow risk, providing customers with the lowest packet loss rate available on the market today, allowing for more rapid ROI on VMTurbo and Arista investments alike.

On Wednesday, December 17, VMTurbo and Arista Networks will be hosting a live webinar, during which attendees will learn about Arista’s methodologies and exciting disruptions within the network landscape, as well as the ways in which VMTurbo drives dynamic network localization decisions to achieve near-zero latency in Arista environments. To register to attend, visit our VMTurbo-Arista Webinar page.

Published Thursday, December 11, 2014 3:07 PM by David Marshall
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