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AlienVault 2015 Predictions: Organizations to Focus on Cloud Security


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Contributed article by Russ Spitler, Vice President of Product Strategy, AlienVault

2015: Organizations to Focus on Cloud Security

As data and software services more rapidly move to the cloud, there have been increased discussions across industries on how to secure cloud computing.

The way the security industry sees it, the cloud presents a major opportunity. Unfortunately, whether that opportunity is for success or failure is, thus far, unknown. Nonetheless, in the year ahead, we'll likely see more cloud providers make their security strategies more visible in order to take on the growing technology trend and give their customers and potential customers peace of mind.

The opportunity for cloud computing, from a security perspective, is that it provides the centralization and normalization of data management and infrastructure. Instead of relying on every organization to build out its own secure development practices and strong operation security processes, there is now the opportunity to centralize that responsibility on a few cloud providers.

In addition to the centralization component, cloud computing is also creating a shift in technology, with many companies now deploying heavily multi-tenanted environments, adopting virtualization, and integrating software-defined networking. As such, these changes are providing an increasing opportunity to inject security controls in a uniform way - all via the cloud. It's also an opportunity for organizations to start with security built in from the ground up.

As more organizations grasp on to cloud computing, we'll also see the cloud providers and security industry alike dedicating more R&D efforts to cloud-based data encryption and access controls. Some cloud providers are already collaborating with the security industry and seem to have a forward-thinking approach on how to provide secure cloud services.

Amazon AWS is a great example of a provider who has been forward thinking when it comes to security. The company has a rich feature set to automate virtualized environments and introduced a large set of new security features. While there's still work to do in terms of AWS users educating themselves on how to use the cloud security features properly, it goes to show that Amazon has taken the effort to build in security from the start of its customers cloud adoption. In the year ahead, we'll likely see more cloud providers showcasing security features to appeal more to the organizations moving to the cloud.

Alongside increased cloud adoption, we can only expect customers' demands for cloud-based security tools and features to increase. That's where the collaboration with the security industry will be key for cloud providers. And while customers should know that they also have their own responsibilities when it comes to the security of their data and applications running in the cloud, in 2015, the security industry will stand at-ready to take on the emerging challenge.


About the Author

Russell Spitler comes to AlienVault with a strong desire to help the world build more secure systems. After spending years helping to secure the largest financial, military, and commercial organizations, Russ is now working with AlienVault to help bring those same security products to the rest of us.

Russ started his career as a programmer at Fortify Software. As a programmer he designed, developed, and deployed many of the core products that comprise the Fortify product suite. Leveraging his experience with the development of those products, and his relationships with customers, Russ transitioned into Product Management. During his tenure in Product Management he oversaw a 5x growth in product revenue and helped Fortify to develop strong partnerships with other players in the market, leading to the eventual acquisition of Fortify.

At Hewlett Packard, Russ played an integral role in the formation of HP Enterprise Security Products, aiding in the creation of technical integrations between ArcSight, Fortify and TippingPoint.

Russ began his career in security at Colby College, where, for his honors thesis, he developed a static analysis engine embedded in the eclipse IDE. He has a BA in Computer Science.

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Once again, how great is it to be a part of the virtualization and cloud industries? 2014 was another banner year, and we witnessed a number of fantastic technologies take shape and skyrocket. And I, along with many industry experts and executives, media

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