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ReliableSite to Provide 10 Gbps DDoS Protection at No Charge

To combat the documented increase in attacks in the dedicated server hosting industry, ReliableSite.Net will provide up to 10 Gbps of DDoS protection at no extra charge. This new feature will lessen some of the disruptions that are painful and time consuming for business owners, server administrators and network providers.

DDoS Protection - Raising the Bar, Reducing Downtime

"Our 100% uptime SLA is a promise to our customers we intend to keep," said Radic Davydov, CEO and founder of ReliableSite.Net. "A standard level of DDoS protection is part of that effort."

This "standard" level of protection is a permanent barrier on ReliableSite's network, meaning that malicious traffic is mitigated instantly without any packet loss or change in traffic. DDoS, distributed denial of service, attacks under the allotted bandwidth will not reach any dedicated servers. Ultimately dedicated hosting administrators will only see "clean" and natural traffic.

Protecting the Internet from Malicious Attacks

DDoS attacks are no longer just a talking point in the tech world because they usually mean lost revenue for every type of business that relies on a dedicated server. Individuals who aim to harm an online business will find that they are not able to disrupt service when DDoS protection is a standard feature.

Business owners and IT administrators will not have to deal with unexpected bandwidth charges, nor increased latency. These two things alone can make or break a business that relies on constant uptime, low latency and a tight budget.

ReliableSite started offering protection for large DDoS attacks earlier this year. Now every server purchased from ReliableSite will automatically have 10 Gbps DDoS protection to prevent downtime and filter the most common types of attacks.

"Business on the internet will only continue to grow and ISPs must keep up with demand and protect their customers," Davydov, CEO, said.

Published Wednesday, December 17, 2014 10:37 AM by David Marshall
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