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Druva 2015 Predictions: Why 2015 Will Look Different for CIOs


Virtualization and Cloud executives share their predictions for 2015.  Read them in this series exclusive.

Contributed article by Jaspreet Singh, CEO of Druva

Why 2015 Will Look Different for CIOs

CIOs have a big year ahead, as they arise to the challenge of securing and protecting enterprise content. A recent study conducted by Forrester revealed that 89 percent of CIOs plan to invest more in information governance programs in the new year. At the same time, 44 percent of survey participants believe that their current security and governance controls still leave endpoint data at risk. Some of the things putting data at risk includes lack of control on file sharing, BYOD and lack of coordinating governance. Here's where I believe we're headed in 2015 and beyond:

  • Cloud providers will offer local data centers: Data privacy concerns and residency laws can challenge some organizations' decision to migrate to the cloud.  In response, we'll see cloud providers offer more localized data centers. This will make it possible for organizations to take advantages of the benefits of the public cloud while also allowing them to navigate the different regional nuances related to data privacy regulations.
  • Cloud is enterprise-ready in 2015: The public cloud will be rapidly adopted in 2015. Organizations are growing more confident with the cloud, especially from a security perspective. Data security in the cloud is more stringent than most organizations today can provide internally, and today's network speeds make the cloud seem closer than ever. This, combined with the low cost and high data durability will lead to widespread adoption for core services.
  • Cloud will be default choice for secondary storage: Storage-related concerns such as security, performance speeds, and cost have all been solved in the public cloud. Providers can offer more stringent security than many organizations have internally, along with LAN-like network speeds. And as cloud storage costs continue to decline, it is a less expensive option than using tapes and offsite storage for long term archiving needs.
  • Storage conversation will be about finding data, not storing it: Corporate data is doubling every 14 months, and increased regulations come with lower retention rates. As a result, organizations are struggling to manage their data, and due to the low cost of storage, many are responding by simply storing everything. With so much unstructured data, companies face challenges when it comes to providing data for compliance or litigation purposes, or even identifying that that must be deleted at the end of a retention period.
  • Centralized governance: Data privacy will continue to be a big area of focus. As a result, we're going to see organizations increasingly centralize their governance efforts in order to regain control of their data. There will be increased spending on governance and more reliance on technology.
  • Smart devices growing targets for governance: Smart devices will grow as a focus for data governance. Organizations are realizing that workers are increasingly creating content on those devices, and as a result, those devices will more frequently become eDiscovery targets. This will drive organizations to take more control over the data on these devices.
  • New technologies will arise to centralize governance: Data today is more distributed, and this creates challenges for organizations trying to regain control of their data. IT has to manage data through each individual tool, which may or may not have built-in governance capabilities. We're going to see new tools emerge that address this fragmented landscape of data, helping organizations to identify and manage data, regardless of its context. 


About the Author

An entrepreneur at heart, Jaspreet bootstrapped the company while defining the product, sales and marketing strategies that have resulted in Druva's early and impressive success. Prior to founding Druva, Jaspreet was a member of the storage foundation group at Veritas. He also held a number of engineering specific roles at Ensim Corporation. 

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Once again, how great is it to be a part of the virtualization and cloud industries? 2014 was another banner year, and we witnessed a number of fantastic technologies take shape and skyrocket. And I, along with many industry experts and executives, media

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