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SingleHop 2015 Predictions: Private Cloud Takes Center Stage


Virtualization and Cloud executives share their predictions for 2015.  Read them in this series exclusive.

Contributed article by Jordan Jacobs, VP of Products at SingleHop

Private Cloud Takes Center Stage – Predictions for 2015

It's that time of the year again. Everything is holiday themed, temperatures are low and clouds pervade to signal winter storms. And in the spirit of this year's end, it's time to make predictions for the year to come.

The cloud industry is long past the disruptor stage and has now steadied itself as a standard for industries across the globe. But, while giants like Amazon and Microsoft duke it out to sit atop the public cloud throne, its important to note the boom of the private cloud. Enterprises and vendors will be hard pressed to ignore the growing importance and interest of private cloud solutions. So what can we expect for 2015?

1.  Enterprise buying patterns will change: 

Enterprises are always on the look out for the next solution that will elevate their business with timeliness and efficiency always top of mind. Businesses do not and will not have the time to wait for legacy enterprise vendors which will take weeks to have a conversation and ultimately deploy. This business agility was the main reason for the push to cloud in the first place. On Demand Private cloud options will satiate the need with a faster time to market, a superior blend of features and better economics than traditional infrastructure options.

2.  People will realize that private clouds have better economics than public clouds:

As I mentioned above, the better economics of the cloud will be a larger point of interest as enterprises continue to launch cloud-based solutions. Even a year ago, an Oracle-sponsored Unisphere survey reached the conclusion that although executives favored private cloud for the sake of security, private cloud was also seen a more cost-effective option over the long term, particularly through consolidation. All of this while not losing step in flexibility, control and overall standard compliance.

3.   The private cloud market will grow faster than even the public cloud market

If both of my previous predictions ring true, the last will come as no surprise. With rising concerns around security in light of the onslaught of recent attacks and breaches hitting everyone from retailers to government entities, and the need for more rigid compliance for PCI and HIPAA standards, it makes even more sense for enterprises and businesses as a whole to consider private cloud options. Furthermore, making the switch from public to private it won't be an obstacle in price or efficiency, but an actual benefit to the business, as they gain customizability, segmentation and the option for hybridization in their infrastructure.

The time of the private cloud is here and it will be left to see how far it will go beyond the public offerings we have today.


About the Author

Jordan Jacobs brings more than a decade of business strategy and product development experience in the cloud, hosting, and managed services market to SingleHop. As VP of Products, Jordan will oversee the entire SingleHop product lifecycle through all phases, from conceptualization to market.

Jordan is extremely technical with practical business aptitude derived from professional experiences spanning from cloud architecture and design, to datacenter engineering. He leverages these skills combined with his adept sales experience to gain a deep understanding of client problems and in in turn designs well thought out and executed products and solutions.

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