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Virtustream 2015 Predictions: The Year of Real-Time Collaboration, Cloud Globalization and End-to-End Trust


Virtualization and Cloud executives share their predictions for 2015.  Read them in this series exclusive.

Contributed article by Kevin Reid, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Technology Officer, Virtustream

2015: The Year of Real-Time Collaboration, Cloud Globalization and End-to-End Trust

As cloud computing adoption rates continue to soar in 2015, IT leaders will look to address the growing challenges of security and compliance, performance and financial control. Coupled with external factors such as the threat of data breaches and pending regulation changes around the globe, the enterprise IT landscape will continue to grow in complexity and opportunity in the year ahead. 

To keep up with these changes, IT leaders will adopt real-time collaboration techniques, geotrust-supported technology, greater transparency with vendors and SLAs, and make strides toward an end-to-end trusted compute platform. Here are four predictions that look at how these issues will pan out in 2015: 

1.     Real-time collaboration will address cyber threats: IT leaders will address the growing cyber security threats in the cloud with new and improved real-time collaboration capabilities, particularly in the federal space. Groups will share knowledge to quickly triangulate the source of cyber threats and form a satisfactory action as a joint initiative, rather than spending significant resources to do it independently. Given the massive amount of data breaches and security threats that emerged in 2014, this collaborative approach will provide IT leaders a more efficient way to identify and address threats rather than the siloed, independent processes taking place today.

2.     Global data sharing becomes easier, safer: Along with the growing pains of scaling cloud infrastructure for a global business comes the inevitable question of how to protect data across borders. Enterprises must adopt technology that supports the restriction of data or applications moving into territories that are forbidden, based on security or compliance requirements. This concept, called "geotrust," will continue to proliferate among enterprises as countries promote an increasing amount of privacy laws and concerns.

3.     Greater demand for visibility and transparency: As new technology is adopted, IT leaders require greater visibility into security, performance and cost when it comes to managing these tools. Service level agreements (SLAs) and vendors must provide greater transparency into average and expected costs in order for IT to gain back financial control. This will also allow for planning and accounting for infrastructure changes, new resource requirements or the ability to quickly scale an app on-demand via consumption-based models that eradicate the fear of a shocking bill at the end of the month.

4.     The end-to-end trusted compute platform: To date, most companies have focused on the security of the data center and the applications/infrastructure it runs on. The reality is applications and networks are being accessed by a myriad of devices. In the Bring Your Own Device era, we'll begin to see more emphasis on creating secure connections and assuring the integrity of the client side (smartphone, PC, etc.). Multi-factor authentication and security between the device and the data center/applications that talk to that device will support the vision of a trusted, end-to-end compute platform.

New trends around BYOD, real-time collaboration and the globalization of the cloud will surface and define cloud computing in 2015. Successful IT leaders will address these trends by responding with a collaborative approach to security and compliance, a greater eye toward performance, and an increase in transparency to better manage these new tools.


About the Author

Kevin Reid is the Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer of Virtustream, Inc., an Intel and Columbia Capital backed firm committed to helping clients actualize the enterprise class Cloud by providing strategy, integration and managed services leveraging xStream, Virtustream's unique Cloud computing platform. Since its inception in 2009, Kevin and the company have received recognition including the AlwaysOn "On Demand Top 100", "East Top 100 Private Companies" awards and the "2010 Minority Business Leader" award from the Washington Business Journal.

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