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Q&A: Interview with ActiveState, Talking Stackato PaaS with Cloud Foundry and Docker

Just recently, ActiveState officially launched Stackato 3.4.2, ending the year for the company with a new release of its Platform-as-a-Service offering.  To find out more, I spoke with Brent Smithurst, vice president of product management and marketing.

VMblog:  We've covered ActiveState in the past and it's great to speak with you again.  Could you give us an update on your latest news?

Brent Smithurst:  Of course.  ActiveState is focused on meeting the growing demand for enterprise agility and with the latest release of Stackato 3.4.2 we are doing just that.  This latest version of our Stackato Platform as a Service product builds on Cloud Foundry and Docker, while also improving flexibility, offering greater performance and enhancing robustness to meet the changing needs of enterprise developers today.

VMblog: Can you explain a few of the main feature updates?

Smithurst:  As a whole, the Stackato platform provides enterprises with the tools, governance and agility needed to gain better control and flexibility over deploying applications to and managing them in the cloud. This latest version includes a Cloud Foundry upstream merge, incorporating the latest stable code from the Cloud Foundry open source project, as well as enhanced security, stability and performance by utilizing Docker 1.3.

Other benefits are focused on requests from our enterprise customers, including increased flexibility, allowing users to reassign applications, spaces and organizations. Additionally, users can now toggle between admin and non-admin views within the web console, allowing administrators to provide clearer instructions and better troubleshooting.

VMblog:  Expanding on that, how does Stackato impact enterprise DevOps?

Smithurst:  By enabling developers to more rapidly create, deploy and manage applications, enterprises can increase agility when responding to shifting business conditions. Stackato 3.4.2 is truly the most technologically advanced enterprise PaaS solution on the market today. With improved tools and governance within the cloud, enterprises will be able to exert greater control over their applications and become truly nimble. Large enterprises can often be slow to move to new methodologies and adopt new tools; Stackato helps those enterprises move toward adopting DevOps by solving some of the real challenges they have today.

VMblog:  And when will Stackato 3.4.2 become available?

Smithurst:  The latest version of Stackato is available for download now here.  We are thrilled to already be helping businesses grow their value.

VMblog:  Is there anything else you would like to share with readers?

Smithurst:  I was at the Gartner AADI conference in Las Vegas a few weeks ago and they clearly recommended that enterprises adopt a PaaS in 2015. So, I want your readers to know that Stackato is the easiest way to get started with your own Cloud Foundry and Docker PaaS platform. We encourage people to download it today; they can be up and running in just a few minutes. We include a free license out of the box that allows you to use it with up to 4GB of RAM and we have another free 20GB license available that you can get by simply filling out a form on our website. You have nothing to lose by giving it a try, and it just might help you transform your entire enterprise IT environment into something much more efficient and effective.


Once again, thanks to Brent Smithurst, Vice President of Product Management and Marketing at ActiveState, for taking time to speak with VMblog.

Published Friday, December 26, 2014 8:25 AM by David Marshall
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