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Rackspace 2015 Predictions: Cloud Prognostication from John Engates


Virtualization and Cloud executives share their predictions for 2015.  Read them in this series exclusive.

Contributed article by John Engates, chief technology officer, Rackspace

Rackspace's John Engates Cloud Predictions for 2015

For the past few years I've used this holiday period as a chance to do some prognostication - looking back at trends from the previous 12 months and trying to predict what's next.

So what can we expect in 2015? Below are my predictions.

Cloud Choices Abound

2015 sees the emergence of a multi-cloud world where businesses will be able to string together cloud services from various providers based on specific workloads. Cloud providers must differentiate and brand themselves in specific, targeted ways. Customers will gravitate toward the solutions that best address their specific business needs, whether that's based on support, a mix of bare metal and public cloud, private clouds or myriad of other options. For example, Rackspace now offers three distinct types of private clouds - OpenStack, Microsoft and VMware - to give customers the choice of how they proceed with private cloud.

Bigger, Complex Data

Big data will get, well, bigger. Enterprises are catching on to the big data wave, but they have the tools to pull necessary value out of that data. The explosion of connected devices will further fuel the flames, creating more data that needs to be extracted and analyzed. Data scientists will be a hot commodity, top data talent will be difficult to come by and expensive to hire. On the other hand, companies will outsource their big data needs to navigate the increasingly complex big data and remove the burden and cost of doing big data internally.

Containers, Containers, Containers

Next year, container technologies and adoption will grow immensely. With Docker leading the pack, container use in production environments will continue to grow. A number of container-focused alternatives will emerge in an attempt to knock Docker out of the water. The technology big dogs themselves will likely look to launch their own container solutions - either through acquisition or homegrown technology. Containers' speed and portability took hold in 2014. 2015 will be the year the ship really sets sail.

OpenStack Gets Boring

In 2015, OpenStack will celebrate its fifth birthday. And that birthday will be boring. That's a good thing. When a technology matures, it becomes less and less exciting. That's where we see OpenStack going. Forrester research agrees. In a Quick Take from OpenStack Summit Paris, Forrester wrote: "At its Paris summit, the OpenStack Foundation celebrated the 10th release of the platform (code name: Juno). What stood out about this latest iteration and the progress of its ever-growing ecosystem of vendors, users, and service providers was the lack of excitement that comes with maturity. The Juno release addressed many challenges holding back enterprise adoption to this point and showed signs that 2015 may be the year its use shifts over from mostly test and development to mainstream production deployments." We hope that maturity brings with it simplification - if we make OpenStack as easy as possible to use, manage and scale, more and more users will adopt it.

Secure It

Security will evolve more into a service than a series of products daisy-chained together to build a solution. The NSA spying on citizens and Sony's recent cyber hack has caused businesses to rethink how they go about security and reconsider where their data lives. Security has to be always on, and delivering security as a service is something we'll see bubble up to the surface next year.


About the Author

John Engates joined Rackspace in August 2000, just a year after the company was founded, as Vice President of Operations, managing the datacenter operations and customer-service teams. Most recently, John has played an active role in the evolution and evangelism of Rackspace's cloud-computing strategy and cloud products. 

John is also an internationally recognized cloud computing expert and a sought-after speaker at technology conferences, including CA World, the Goldman Sachs Techtonics Conference and Cloud Expo. He speaks on the future of cloud computing, enterprise cloud adoption, data center efficiency, green data center best practices, and more.
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Once again, how great is it to be a part of the virtualization and cloud industries? 2014 was another banner year, and we witnessed a number of fantastic technologies take shape and skyrocket. And I, along with many industry experts and executives, media

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