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WaveMaker 2015 Predictions: Containers, PaaS, Microservices and More


Virtualization and Cloud executives share their predictions for 2015.  Read them in this series exclusive.

Contributed article by Samir Ghosh, CEO, WaveMaker, Inc.

Five Predictions for 2015

Prediction 1: The Docker ecosystem will get increasingly more complex.

  • Docker and containers will continue to garner attention in 2015, but the landscape will get more complex as new supporting entrants join the fray and tangential players catch up.
  • For example, virtualization technology providers will attempt to address some containerization gaps such as speed and utilization, creating some FUD.
  • Non-Docker container approaches, such as CoreOS Rocket will further fracture the ecosystem with partner alignments. Other older container solutions will also try to fill some gaps with Docker.

Prediction 2: Containerization will gain traction in the enterprise.

  • So far, excitement for Docker has been led by SaaS developers.
  • Enterprise developers will follow the move to containers, but most will have only the option to use external services. This will pressure IT to provide an internally sanctioned container platform.
  • Non-web-scale enterprises have different needs and constraints than SaaS companies. As certain container use cases (such as increased CapEx and OpEx utilization, and reduced virtualization licensing costs) prove business value for these enterprises, containerization will gain credibility within enterprise IT in 2015.

Prediction 3: PaaS will get its turn in the limelight.

  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) has been criticized for not seeing the same growth that IaaS and SaaS have seen. However, the exploding trend of containerization will provide a huge opportunity for PaaS, particularly PaaS solutions specifically architected to leverage Docker.
  • Docker-architected PaaS removes the complexity of implementing Docker within enterprises that have heterogeneous workloads running in diverse environments. PaaS can also leverage Docker to provide benefits not possible with virtualization - for example, containers can be spun up quickly enough to hibernate idle containers without impacting user experience, providing even greater resource utilization.

Prediction 4: Microservices will become more broadly known and used.

  • Container adoption and increasing ubiquity of RESTful APIs will make it easier to leverage Microservices Architecture (MSA) for greater scalability and manageability, not just for software developers but within enterprises as well.
  • The trends to small, more horizontally scalable components, even down to rack-architected hardware will help facilitate greater use of MSA.

Prediction 5: Delivery of custom enterprise apps will be democratized.

  • Early innovative enterprises have realized they need to remove IT as the bottleneck in creating custom internal apps. They need to foster and simplify the creation of these apps so non-developers can build and deploy them, but do so on IT sanctioned and managed infrastructure.
  • The compounding complexity of the growing number of diverse devices (wearables, IoT, etc.) and APIs is making it more difficult, not easier, for central IT to be in the critical path for creating innovative business apps.
  • More IT departments will provide business users with a sanctioned app dev platform that requires no professional programming skills but can be also deployed on-prem to access data and systems behind the firewall.


About the Author

Samir Ghosh is an executive with 25 years enterprise software and SaaS experience, including Strategy, Business Development, Marketing, Product Management, Professional Services, and Sales. Most recently, as VP of Business Development and Strategy at Qontext Inc., he helped launch, build, and successfully sell Qontext to Autodesk in two years time. Samir combines his entrepreneurial successes at Qontext, Relayte, KOLA, and Intellution with his notable corporate experience at Microsoft, IBM, Lotus, and Procter & Gamble.

Samir has an MBA from UCLA Anderson, an international business diploma from the Stockholm School of Economics, and a BS in computer science from WPI.

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Once again, how great is it to be a part of the virtualization and cloud industries? 2014 was another banner year, and we witnessed a number of fantastic technologies take shape and skyrocket. And I, along with many industry experts and executives, media

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