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NetJapan, Inc. Launches vStandby, a Standby Availability Switchover Solution for Windows Physical and Virtual Infrastructures
NetJapan, Inc., publisher of backup, recovery, and virtualization software solutions, announces the release of vStandby, a standby availability solution that creates virtualized replicas of source physical and virtual machines for switchover recovery in the event of a system failure.

vStandby creates a virtual standby machine on VMware ESXi hosts from existing physical or virtual machines. vStandby virtual machines can be started at any time from specific snapshots created from source machines.

vStandby is a completely new concept that offers an affordable switchover standby solution, giving users high availability without the high cost. vStandby is available for physical and virtual installations of Windows Server and Desktop operating systems.


Traditional physical to virtual approaches involved conversion of an entire disk from a physical machine to a virtual disk, then attaching the virtual disk to the new virtual machine so that operations could be transferred from the physical to the virtual environment. In addition, traditional physical to virtual conversion involves a significant increase in storage demands and time; requiring twice as much storage space for the backup image files and VMDK files, and significant time to perform those conversions.

NetJapan’s vStandby eliminates resource and time problems with its standby availability solution by virtualized replication of a physical or virtual source machine to a virtual standby machine that provides switchover recovery when the source machine fails. The standby virtual machine is immediately available from a selectable point in time snapshot made prior to failure of the source machine. These scheduled asynchronous incremental snapshots of the source machines are automatically taken at predefined intervals and added to the standby virtual machine’s datastore. vStandby is an affordable, standby availability switchover solution that requires limited storage space while ensuring system operations.


NetJapan’s vStandby and support are available in Europe, Asia/Pacific and North America. NetJapan, Inc. distributes vStandby through authorized resellers, system integrators, business partners, and distributors.

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