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A Contributed Article by Deney Dentel, CEO at Nordisk Systems

In recent years, Virtual Private Servers, also known as VPS services, become very popular as a means of hosting. This virtualization technology has the potential to provide an increase in functionality and performance, and this trend will certainly only continue. There are several important reasons why many organizations choose to take their hosting of a website or an application to a Virtual Private Servers.

These include a decrease in the carbon footprint an organization is leaving or the ability to simply and quickly scale any hosting operation. Things like this make sense for almost any business or any other venture. Because of their advantages, here are the most important reasons why everyone should consider Virtual Private Servers as a great hosting solution.

Additional control as opposed to shared hosting

A big benefit of VPS package used for hosting is a full root access to the hosting environment. With it, anyone can do things like install custom applications, and do it without the need to wait for the shared hosting administrator approval or any other intervention. Also, shared hosting service utilizes a predefined package of software applications, due to their security reasons, and these often do not allow for additional changes in software configuration of the servers. With VPS, this problem can be bypassed, and everyone who uses them is free to add new software solutions whenever they become available.

Green technology

Employing green technology has become a lot more popular over the past couple of years. Instead of using large and bulky servers which consume a huge amount of electrical power, Virtual Private Servers are a lot more efficient. This is achieved through dividing a server and offering virtual environments to different users. With this approach, a single physical server can be put into the service of more businesses, which decreases the overall power consumption.

Environmentally Friendly

The previously mentioned green technology means that Virtual Private Servers use less energy to stay operational. Less energy consumption means a smaller carbon footprint, which is very helpful for any organization. With the current state of climate change, lowering the carbon output should be an important benefit for everyone.

Easy scalability when needed

For some websites, the amount of variation in traffic is minimal, meaning that they already know the amounts of visitors they will receive. But, for those who is hoping for a substantial increase in traffic, the ability so scale hosting solution is of a paramount importance. Using Virtual Private Servers means having this possibility without worrying about problems like website downtime or any other technical issue. A VPS environment includes a container, which is the place where a certain amount of resources of a server is allocated. When the traffic is expected to grow, additional computing power is added to the container, which means it can keep functioning without the need to physically add more RAM memory or anything like that.

Cost effective solutions that benefit small websites

Virtual Private Servers became substantially cheaper in the past years. Using virtualization technology will further drive VPS prices down. Now, a small business can get its own hosting environment, starting at just 10 US dollars per month. With prices like this, any business can receive a VPS hosting solution that will not hurt their budget.

More reliability and stability for elementary web hosting needs

Shared hosting of websites and online applications will soon become obsolete. Hosting companies all over the world are selling off their physical server and moving their customers to the web servers, meaning that the reliability of their services will go down. Additional problems from shared servers are also seen in the website's uptime and other performance, as well as security issues like intrusions and servers crashing. Virtual Private Servers take these problems out of the equation and instead add more reliability and stability into the mix.

All these benefits and advantages mean that employing Virtual Private Servers is definitely the best server hosting solution for the future.

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Deney Dentel is the CEO at Nordisk Systems Inc., a managed data backup and recovery solution company in Portland, OR. Deney is the only localized and authorized IBM ProcTIER business partner in the Pacific Northwest.
Published Thursday, January 22, 2015 7:22 AM by David Marshall
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