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Redis Labs Dominates Independent Redis-as-a-Service (RaaS) Benchmark

Redis Labs (, the leading commercial Redis provider, today announced that the first comprehensive Redis-as-a-Service (RaaS) benchmark by Altoros Systems recognized Redis Labs as the top performer in throughput and latency. The study concluded that Redis Cloud by Redis Labs consistently outperformed competitors such as ElastiCache by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Redis To Go, OpenRedis and RedisGreen across multiple workload tests over a single Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 instance.

"While most Redis benchmarks focus on simple GET/SET operations, we were interested in better utilization of built-in data types and server-side operations," said Vladimir Starostenkov, Senior R&D Engineer at Altoros. "For this reason, we designed a combined workload, embodying two different types of queries running concurrently and imitating a real-life Redis use case."

Benchmark Results


Redis is the fastest database solution currently available and is completely served from Random Access Memory (RAM). During Altoros Systems' rigorous tests of leading Redis service providers, Redis Cloud by Redis Labs consistently achieved the top results in both throughput and latency. Over a simple workload on a single AWS EC2 instance, Redis Cloud reached 1.14 million operations per second (ops/sec), while runners up ElastiCache and RedisGreen hit 611 thousand and 536 thousand ops/sec, respectively. Redis Cloud also led the RaaS industry in latency, clocking in at .18 milliseconds, which was 45 percent faster than the nearest comparison, ElastiCache.

Read the full benchmark here.

Even when tested over a more complex workload, Redis Cloud continued to dominate the competition with 253 percent more throughput and over 70 percent lower latency compared to ElastiCache and Redis Green.

"Developers love the speed and open source nature of Redis, yet are challenged by many demanding facets of scaling their cloud architecture," said Ofer Bengal, CEO and co-founder of Redis Labs. "Redis Cloud is a perfect fit at this crucial point, allowing developers to enjoy ultra fast performance, without any compromises whatsoever, and relieving them of the heavy Redis lifting so they can focus on other important things."

About the benchmark:

The independent Redis-as-a-Service performance study was conducted by Altoros Systems, a Silicon Valley-based consulting company with big data expertise that provides  Platform-as-a-Service enablement to software vendors, Infrastructure-as-a-Service providers and information-heavy enterprises.

For this benchmark, Altoros Systems used a single AWS EC2 instance in the same region. In addition, it used two AWS EC2 instances to run memtier_benchmark, an open source traffic generator written in C++, and a Java-based stress tool that simulates a more complex workload. The benchmark consisted of three workloads: simple, complex and combined. Read the full benchmark here
Published Tuesday, January 27, 2015 11:26 AM by David Marshall
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