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Recovery Assurance Exposes Current RaaS Provider Gaps

When every Recovery-as-a-Service (RaaS) vendor uses the same terms to describe both "cut-rate" solutions and comprehensive recovery solutions, the gap between expectations and reality is magnified. Does your business care which recovery solution you employ during the calm, sunny season? Hardly. But what about when the storm sets in and you (and they) can't recover like they expected?

Recoverability after an actual disaster could be the difference between getting a promotion and starting your next job hunt with a fresh bundle of cautionary tales.

Bluelock, a managed cloud hosting and recovery provider delivering infrastructure, software and solutions with the flexibility to handle complex problems, is clearing away all market confusion with the launch of the Bluelock Recovery Assurance Program for its Recovery-as-a-Service (RaaS) solutions. The program delivers complete recovery confidence to businesses that have critical disaster recovery demands, such as those with regulatory compliance or stringent uptime requirements.

"Through our experience delivering Recovery-as-a-Service solutions, we've learned two things that served as a catalyst for the Recovery Assurance Program," explains Bluelock Product Solution Director, Ben Miller. "First, while some businesses are OK with just ‘checking the box', there are businesses that need a more reliable recovery solution that truly works. Second, there are major differences in how Recovery-as-a-Service providers execute processes related to the creation of disaster recovery (DR) runbooks and the performance of tests, despite using the same words to describe the services. Bluelock's services extend well beyond other providers when it comes to processes and documentation, in order to provide true assurance."

Recovery Assurance is having complete confidence that your disaster recovery plan will work when you need it most. Many disaster recovery providers provide tools that allow clients to verify recovery time objectives (RTO) and/or recovery point objectives (RPO) and consider that "recovery assurance." However, complete confidence requires preparation, testing and thorough documentation, plus access to the right people or partners that can be there to help clients manage through a disaster scenario. Tools alone are not the answer.

This is why Bluelock launched its Recovery Assurance Program, which is a unique process that exhaustively documents the critical components of the client's recovery plan into a DR Playbook (includes a runbook) and tests the plan while providing ongoing support and management of the solution. Additionally, the program extends the client's recovery team by providing guidance and support to get the solution up and running quickly, but also provides a team of resources who are there during an actual disaster scenario with the same level of urgency as the client. The program is a unique combination of people, processes and tools designed to provide clients with greater peace of mind.

Bluelock Recovery Assurance Includes:
  • Prescriptive onboarding and training for your team 

  • Creation of a custom, exhaustive Disaster Recovery Playbook (includes a DR Runbook) 

  • At least twice-a-year testing to assess your team, ours and the documented DR Playbook procedures 

  • Ongoing management and monitoring of your replication services 

  • Primary, single point-of-contact who will proactively manage the relationship and operational processes to deliver 
complete recovery assurance 

  • Resources and support for disaster declaration and failback of you systems 

  • Access to self-service management of RPO, VM protection levels, costs, historical trends and insightful alerts 

To learn more about Bluelock's Recovery Assurance Program and its Recovery-as-a-Service solutions, visit

Published Tuesday, February 17, 2015 6:31 AM by David Marshall
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