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Amartus Adds Massive Service Orchestration Scalability to Chameleon SDS

Amartus, a developer of runtime programmable multi-vendor service orchestration and management software solutions for telecoms, today announced the new upcoming release of its Chameleon SDS services orchestration software with new server cluster architecture that delivers unlimited scale-out capabilities for services orchestration in large carrier and cloud environments.

The move comes as carriers continue their expanded use of software-defined network (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) technologies where a service orchestrator may have to communicate with an unprecedented number of virtual and physical devices, systems and resources in real time.

Chameleon SDS has been proven in wireline applications and with this new architecture Amartus is expanding its use for mobile, wireless and cloud networks. Amartus will participate in a multivendor wireless proof-of-concept demonstration at Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona (March 2-5, available daily at Openet stand 2F36 and Procera Network stand 5H61).

New Architecture Delivers Scalability and High Availability

The new version (v4.0) of Chameleon SDS boasts a leading-edge fault tolerant and self-healing clustering architecture and provides elastic and adaptive load-balancing that supports workload distribution to Chameleon SDS instances over any number of compute nodes in a cluster. The new architecture can manage and orchestrate an unlimited number of services, service components (SCs) and service access points (SAPs).

Moreover, the latest Chameleon SDS v4.0 architecture will deliver uptime of up to 99.9999% due to its high-availability active-active node configuration, which ensures continuous service even if one or more compute nodes fail or during maintenance and upgrades.

“At Mobile World Congress, we’re partnering with a number of vendors to demonstrate how essential service orchestration is for production networks, where vendor count will grow dramatically – the demonstration reinforces the need for services orchestration and the scalability we’re introducing today,” said Michael Kearns, CEO of Amartus.

“This scalability augments the unique dynamic runtime programmability and unified management approach that has been a key characteristic of Chameleon SDS from day one. It's the combination of these capabilities that make this the perfect orchestrator for carrier and cloud grade networks,” Kearns said.

Chameleon SDS is a dynamically programmable service orchestration and service delivery automation solution that automates the rollout, provisioning and operation of wireless, wireline and cloud services.

What makes Chameleon SDS stand out as a service orchestrator is its dynamic, runtime programmability – it reads all service & resource models and configuration, on the fly for everything required to introduce and orchestrate the full life cycle for any end-to-end service that span any technologies, including NFV, SDN, Cloud and WAN.

Chameleon SDS is built on Amartus’ dynamic model-driven orchestration platform and implements standards-based service and resource layer abstraction that is technology, service and vendor agnostic.


Chameleon SDS v4.0 is targeted to be available for service provider trials and general availability in the second quarter of 2015.

Published Monday, March 02, 2015 7:01 AM by David Marshall
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