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HyTrust Wins 3 Additional Patents for Technology Innovation in Automated Cloud Security

HyTrust Inc., the Cloud Security Automation Company, today announced significant additions to its portfolio of patented technologies with the awarding of three more patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). HyTrust’s 3 previously granted patents built a strong foundation for enhancing and automating administrative controls in virtualized infrastructures, as well as adaptive hardening for private clouds. The new patents both expand the scope of the existing patents, while also adding new protections that apply to hybrid and public cloud environments.

“Our mission at HyTrust is to enable enterprises to move to the cloud with a very high degree of control, security, flexibility, and compliance, and that’s always a challenge in a technology environment that’s moving at warp speed,” said Hemma Prafullchandra, CTO and senior vice president of products. “These grants validate HyTrust’s leadership in providing policy-based control over virtualized workloads wherever they reside, addressing two of the primary threat vectors: cloud administrator accounts with very broad privileges, and attacks on the data itself.”

Many of the technologies protected by these patents are already deployed in HyTrust products and customer environments today. HyTrust's embedded labels are portable and move with the virtual machine, which is an integral part of enabling policy-based controls across private, hybrid and public clouds. HyTrust Boundary Controls allows organizations to set policies so that virtualized applications can only run on proven, trusted hosts that are physically located within the defined parameters. This significantly reduces the potential for theft, misuse of sensitive data, and violation of regulatory compliance laws. Boundary Controls leverages both HyTrust CloudContol and HyTrust DataControl®, combining policy-based administrative controls with strong encryption. Further, the encryption-related patents demonstrate continuing momentum from the 2013 acquisition of HighCloud Security, which introduced encryption and key management for the cloud.

HyTrust’s new patents include:

Patent US 8,539,589: Adaptive Hardening can collect and analyze current threats, risks and configurations of participating enterprises and distill this data into specific hardening recommendations. The recent creation of the national Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center validates the importance of sharing both threat data and mitigation strategies. This new patent emphasizes the importance of automating this process, and can improve a company’s ability to react to the threats and vulnerabilities more quickly through shared recommendations for best mitigation strategies.

Patent US 8,832,784: Boundary Controls make it possible to embed rich policy controls in logical resources, such as a VM (Virtual Machine), and enforce those policies based on environmental context, such as the geo-location of the physical host. This ensures that VMs can only run where and when they are authorized to do so. This patent also protects the addition of encryption policies to ensure that an encrypted VM can only be decrypted if it is executed in a specific, pre-defined, known good environment. This automatically protects the VM and associated data against theft or misuse.

Patent US 8,555,377: This covers secure Virtual Machines and addresses the inherent insecurity of mobile VMs by authenticating a user before establishing a specialized virtualization runtime environment. VM Encryption enables secure distribution and running of virtual machines, and addresses the inherent insecurity introduced by the dynamic, mobile nature of VMs. This patent covers the creation of embedded data protection policies such as encryption, so that they remain constantly with the VMs and are fully enforceable wherever they run.

“Virtualized infrastructures offer undeniable efficiency, flexibility and adaptability, but companies will not be able to maximize the potential of the cloud without optimized security. That’s why these advances are so important,” said Jon Oltsik, Senior Principal Analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group. “HyTrust’s portfolio of patented technologies and solution set provides a unique set of capabilities that will be a foundation for realizing that potential.”

Published Tuesday, March 03, 2015 12:54 PM by David Marshall
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