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Principled Technologies Study Finds VMTurbo Improves Application Performance Through Actionable Recommendations

VMTurbo, the only demand-driven control platform for the software-defined data center, today announced the findings from a recent analysis conducted by Principled Technologies. The study found that by executing VMTurbo’s recommendations, such as reallocation of vCPU, memory and storage resources, response time of the application in Principled Technologies’ virtual test environment improved by 37.1%.

“In our hands-on study, we found that when you add VMTurbo to your environment, you can see immediate improvements in performance from the first implementation of the recommended actions,” said John McMains, CEO of Principled Technologies. “We found that because VMTurbo understands the demand of your applications and VMs, and relates it to available infrastructure resources, it makes decisions that assure application performance.”

During the course of the study, Principled Technologies deployed VMTurbo into a DRS-enabled VMware vSphere ESXi 5.5 cluster in order to test its capabilities. This cluster represents a typical unit of deploying mission-critical applications within enterprise datacenters. To create a realistic environment simulating an e-commerce platform, Principled Technologies deployed IIS-based Web servers to process requests from test clients, requesting data from back-end Microsoft SQL servers. VMTurbo recommendations included decreasing vCPU allocation for SQL Server VMs, allocating additional memory to increase performance and moving certain VMs to more responsive storage. Once applied across the board to all units of production deployments, these results illustrate that VMTurbo can provide guaranteed scale-out application performance for the entire enterprise workload.

“The ultimate goal of everyone running or managing a data center is to assure the performance of their applications,” said Yuri Rabover, Co-founder and SVP of Product Strategy at VMTurbo. “These applications are critical to business success and milliseconds of delay can have multi-million dollar consequences. The results of the study validate the impact of Demand-Driven Control: companies using VMTurbo can reasonably expect to increase profits by millions.”

Principled Technologies is a leading provider of technology assessment and fact-based marketing services. For the full report by Principled Technologies, click here.

Published Tuesday, April 07, 2015 4:49 PM by David Marshall
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