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Q&A: Appcito's Kamal Anand Outlines Unified Application Delivery Service for Docker

Appcito recently announced CAFE for Docker, a unified application front-end service accelerating the development of apps on the Docker Platform.  To find out more, I spoke with Kamal Anand, CEO of Appcito.

VMblog:  Why is Unified Application Service for Docker important?

Kamal Anand: With the massive surge of Docker's popularity among the DevOps crowd, the Appcito team realized we had a golden opportunity to offer something that can help teams achieve development goals faster, with a more elegant solution compared to other competitors.  The bottom line is that CAFE for Docker extends the power of unified application delivery to applications developed on Docker so that developers can fully focus on writing applications and not infrastructure. 

Besides addressing the key problem of easily load balancing across multiple Docker containers in a VM, our unified, easy-to-consume, multi-cloud offering supports continuous deployment and enhances the key benefits of using Docker for application development - agility, portability and maintainability.

VMblog:  What specific benefits does Appcito's Docker CAFE service offer?

Anand: Supporting the Docker platform, Appcito's Cloud Application Front End (CAFE) service unifies all the application delivery services including advanced load balancing, application security, continuous deployment, performance optimization, and application analytics and insights needed for delivering business-critical Docker containerized applications.

Two specific benefits, among many I could discuss, include rapid proxy deployment and advanced insights and information about traffic. CAFE PEP proxies, can be quickly deployed, reconfigured or removed without changes to microservices or other components of the application stack.  Quick onboarding and central management of granular application policies via a web based user interface significantly reduce administrative overhead.  Regarding insights, CAFE's cloud-native Insights Engine provides extensive visibility into various aspects of your applications' behavior.  Specifically, you can monitor real-time application performance, analyze traffic characteristics and workloads, troubleshoot using user logs and analytics, and detect anomalies for security, performance and other purposes.

VMblog:  In which cloud environments can the service run?

Anand: The CAFE for Docker software-as-a-service offering is designed for Docker containers running in AWS, OpenStack, VMware and Azure environments.  Purpose-built to help agile application operations teams, CAFE for Docker can be deployed in any cloud, including private enterprise clouds, providing unprecedented flexibility of choice of infrastructure platform environments.

VMblog:  And how does Appcito CAFE work in practice?

Anand: CAFE acts as a reverse proxy and load balancer and offers additional integrated capabilities in the areas of content optimization and acceleration, application security, protection against various DDoS attacks and BOTs as well as simplified continuous delivery of applications along with continuous insights at all levels.  These additional capabilities can easily be configured on an application level or at micro-services level by DevOps. 

Located strategically close to applications inside cloud data centers, Appcito CAFE accelerates and simplifies application delivery.  In less than five minutes, DevOps and enterprise IT teams can configure application delivery services that ensure enterprise applications and micro services are fast, secure, reliable and elastic.

VMblog:  Can you tell us the availability and pricing?

Anand: Appcito CAFE for Docker is available now for AWS, and will be available for OpenStack in Q2 2015.  Appcito offers a 30-day free trial of CAFE.  Subscriptions are available at three levels - Starter, Business and Enterprise - with rates beginning at $50 per application per month for the Starter level.


Thank you to Kamal Anand, CEO of Appcito, for taking time out to speak with VMblog about CAFE for Docker.

Published Thursday, April 09, 2015 7:18 AM by David Marshall
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