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Kusnetzky Group publishes EBook "Hybrid Clouds - The Practical Solution"

Kusnetzky Group, Inc. today published an insightful look how cloud computing can be a useful tool to help enterprises move to a more dynamic, agile computing solution. High levels of expertise in many functional disciplines, however, are needed to evaluate all of the options and decide if an on-premise solution is necessary or if an off-premise solution is a workable solution. For those applications that must be keep on-premise, it is critical that the enterprise have a well thought out data center strategy.

This eBook was written by the well-known software industry analyst, Daniel Kusnetzky, who is the Kusnetzky Group LLC's Distinguished Analyst and Managing Director, and the principal author of Virtualization Review's "Dan's Take," O'Reilly media's "Virtualization: A Manager's Guide," and the "Making the IT Decision" series of eBooks. This eBook can be found on the Kusnetzky Group, LLC's. Website.

EBook Overview

Moving from established monolithic applications to a more agile cloud computing architecture can be an important way to address enterprise business requirements without also making it necessary or even wise to move IT functions into a cloud service provider's data center. Adopting a hybrid on-premise/off-premise computing environment using some services offered by cloud service providers may be the most practical approach going forward.

The hybrid approach, however, often means that the enterprise reconsider both its IT and data center strategies. A cloud service provider may be much better at creating and supporting some applications, application components or offer computing and storage at a lower cost. Enterprises will learn that other functions are best addressed by in-house IT solutions.

This indicates a need for intelligent, cloud-focused tools to monitor and gather operational data, analyze that data and provide the needed evidence for the provider's support team.

Published Monday, April 13, 2015 7:01 AM by David Marshall
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