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Sauce Labs Accelerates Automated Testing for Continuous Integration
Sauce Labs, Inc., the leading cloud-based web and mobile application automated testing platform, today announced a significant update to the Sauce Labs service, specifically engineered for Continuous Integration (CI) workflows. Now, enterprises can test web and mobile applications more quickly and with greater insight into their software builds than ever before – helping developers deliver high quality applications to market even faster. 

Organizations continue to feel immense pressure to deliver better software, faster. To manage this process, development teams are embracing new software delivery processes and philosophies such as CI and Continuous Delivery (CD). While both practices have proven their value in accelerating software production beyond traditional approaches, they are still not always easy to implement - particularly the critical functional and regression testing components.  

Enter Sauce Labs, the high-performance automated testing service optimized for CI and CD workflows. Accelerating market demand for the company’s offering is evidenced by the recent announcement that more than 250 million tests have run on its platform to date, an increase of 150 percent since March, 2014. New service updates include the following: 

New Dashboard
The new revision of the Sauce Labs dashboard offers detailed information about builds and automated tests, as well as manual tests and overall usage. Current testing tools make it painful for developers to discover issues within their current builds, thus slowing down development time. Now developers can concentrate on the status of entire builds rather than on individual tests, allowing them to quickly navigate to and resolve issues.

Updated Tests and Tunnels Pages 
Developers can now click on a build to receive complete details on all tests within it, as well as highlight the ones that have failed. They can also view the status of each individual test and manage their Sauce Connect™ tunnels. 

Team Management and User Details Page 
It can be difficult for companies with large numbers of accounts to track usage of third party tools across the organization and ensure they are being effectively used.  Sauce Labs offers enterprise management features allowing users to manage permissions and access to testing resources – such as provisioning access to master accounts, teams or individuals. The result is enhanced reporting, giving organizations insight into individual usage via 60-day graphs that describe historical usage, minutes consumed and tests run by day.

Archives Page
This feature for the first time offers a searchable archives page to show account activity over the past 90 days. Developers can easily view the history of their work to help them spot trends in application tests using custom queries or existing filters. 

Single Sign On (SSO)
Provisioning new accounts for individuals can be a time consuming process. Sauce Labs now supports SSO which enables IT managers to just-in-time provision new user accounts for centralized user account management and access control. 

These new features are now available.

Sauce continues to be optimized for integration with CI/CD systems where the emphasis is on speed, scale and reliability, and offers integrations with the most popular CI platforms including: Jenkins, Bamboo, Travis CI, Circle CI and TeamCity. Sauce Labs currently supports more than 500 browser, operating system, and device platform combinations.

“Sauce Labs has been an integral part of BoomTown's testing framework over the past year,” said Brian Baumgartner, quality assurance manager, BoomTown. “From day one, we had instant access to their comprehensive environment library, which eliminated the need to build and maintain a costly in-house lab. Sauce Labs’ built-in test dashboard, test run screenshots, and video recordings save us countless hours of debugging and troubleshooting issues. With this latest product release, Sauce Labs not only adds more value to our automation workflow by optimizing continuous integration and delivery processes, they help BoomTown continue to release high quality software solutions to the Real Estate industry.”

“Sauce Labs continues to provide the most secure and reliable cloud-based testing platform in the market,” said Charles Ramsey, CEO of Sauce Labs. “Scalable, on-demand automated testing is core to an effective and sustainable CI and CD process. With today’s announcement, development teams can accelerate their build and release cycles through a significantly enhanced integration between Sauce Labs and their CI/CD environments.”

Published Thursday, June 11, 2015 6:43 AM by David Marshall
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