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StackEngine Unveils Container Application Center for Docker

StackEngine, the platform that gives organizations the power to simply and securely compose, deploy, and automate resilient Docker-based applications, today announced its Container Application Center, an end-to-end container application management solution. The newly launched product will help enterprises transition from the costs and inefficiencies of virtualization to the flexibility, mobility and freedom of containerization. The StackEngine Container Application Center is a solution for developers, DevOps and IT operations teams that brings users through the entire application lifecycle, from development to deployment.

The StackEngine team will be at DockerCon, June 22-23, 2015 in San Francisco exhibiting and demoing its Container Application Center in booth G2.

StackEngine launched out of stealth mode in October 2014 with $1M in seed funding from Silverton Partners and LiveOak Venture Partners. With the launch of Container Application Center, enterprises will benefit from VMware-like control and security, Docker-enabled freedom, flow, and collaboration, and container-native enterprise heterogeneity and security.

“Ten years ago, enterprise companies were led on a journey from physical, bare metal servers to virtual machines,” said StackEngine CEO and Co-Founder Bob Quillin. “Along the way, they were given all the tools necessary to manage the full operational lifecycle. Now with containers, these same organizations are moving back to bare metal servers and need similar enterprise-grade tools to help them compose, deploy and automate container-native applications with the same level of control and security they had with their trusted virtualization management tools.”

When UberCloud, a multi-cloud vendor that allows scientists and engineers to purchase cloud computing to run experiments, began using containers, it ran into a number of problems. Earlier this year, UberCloud adopted StackEngine to increase visibility into its containers and provide a secure and easy way to manage them.

"With StackEngine, you have one Docker GUI - a single pane of glass," explained Burak Yenier, UberCloud CEO. "For us, StackEngine really enables self-service. Now, the person who created the infrastructure doesn't have to be the person who launches the container-based applications, creating a true separation of concerns. Admins can set up resource pools, create StackEngine user accounts for team members, and let development teams compose and launch their own Docker applications. Putting these simple commands as close to the end-user as possible makes a ton of sense."

VMware-like Control & Security

The StackEngine Container Application Center provides VMware-like control and security via key features that include secure management, resource pools, multi-user access and intelligent application scheduling. This allows enterprises to:

  • Divide and allocate host resources to container applications based on business needs
  • Deploy across multiple data centers, clouds and providers - both private and public
  • Collaborate across a common development, DevOps and operational platform

Unlocking the Power of Docker

StackEngine also unlocks the power of Docker container application development and deployment through a drag and drop application editor, application placement policies and built-in authenticated service discovery. This allows enterprises to:

  • Compose Docker applications simply
  • Share and reuse application components across an organization
  • Deploy anywhere - across data centers, availability zones, and colocation facilities
  • Run enterprise applications that can dynamically learn the location of shared services

Containers in the Enterprise

Built for the reality of today’s complex IT infrastructure, the StackEngine Container Application Center is designed to work with new and legacy applications. Unlike many new microservice centric approaches, StackEngine is application-oriented, works in heterogeneous enterprise environments, and can be used by both IT and Application Development teams to:

  • Manage legacy applications in a containerized environment
  • Run behind the firewall, on-premise, or in the cloud
  • Create an end-to-end delivery chain from development to operations, no assembly required

The StackEngine Container Application Center comes in three editions: Developer Edition, Lab Manager Edition, and Enterprise Edition. The Developer Edition is free for one user and one application instance and pricing for Lab Manager Edition starts at $990/year. For Enterprise Edition pricing contact StackEngine or visit

Published Thursday, June 18, 2015 3:31 PM by David Marshall
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