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ElasticBox Announces Latest Release to Bring Greater Visibility & Control to Cloud Application Lifecycle Management
ElasticBox, the most adaptive cloud application manager, released a reimagined version of its solution today.  Based on industry and customer feedback, the new version includes enhanced UI, deployment policies, container support and more. The new functionality of ElasticBox, in conjunction with the best-in-class open source DevOps tools, brings greater control to DevOps and enhanced freedom to development teams. Available as both a SaaS offering and on-premise virtual appliance, ElasticBox further abstracts application automation from infrastructure to enable enterprises to ship code faster.

"Our technology teams view the latest version of ElasticBox as a game-changer, as it helps us overcome various technology challenges we've faced," said Robin Lee Powell, Director of IT at Cytobank. "With the new deployment policy and script box functionality, our developer teams are empowered with self-service tools and can launch instances as needed, with all the appropriate policies in place."

ElasticBox boxes are a collection of reusable infrastructure as code components. Boxes contain scripts, variables, and metadata to automate processes when deploying applications to any cloud infrastructure. Stitched together, boxes model complex processes like deploying or upgrading multi-tier enterprise applications.

"With this new version of ElasticBox, we are responding to the complex and evolving needs of our customers who are each on their unique cloud journey," said Carol Carpenter, CEO at ElasticBox. "This release increases collaboration between developers and IT operations by providing more visibility and flexibility to unlock the innovation potential of our customers."

New Capabilities

UI Enhancement: Tags now make it easier to sort and find items quickly throughout the product. The rich interface enables IT Ops and Development teams to visually assess the latest status of instances, share and manage boxes, and collaborate easily.

Deployment Policies:  New functionality allows policies to be boxes, enabling customers to share virtual infrastructure resources from providers like AWS (Amazon Web Services) without having to expose AWS account specifics. Policies have claims that enable IT Ops to tag virtual machine properties, such as platform, instance type, OS family and more. Like all boxes, these deployment policies are reusable and sharable.

Script Boxes: Script boxes are powerful building blocks that can be shared and reused. Variables and script events are stored here. With the addition of requirements, Script boxes have tags to identify the platform, runtime and infrastructure dependencies of the box. At the time of deployment, the requirements and policy claims can be easily married, so developers can self-service the appropriate infrastructure, and IT Ops has the reassurance that the right infrastructure resources are being consumed.

Automatic Updates: With semantic versioning of boxes, customers can now choose automatic updates for major, minor and patches of instances. This enables rapid, efficient updates at scale for enterprises.

Enhanced Container Support: As more customers experiment and deploy to containers, ElasticBox can now support containers, such as Docker, as a new box type. This enables enterprises to define microservices as Dockerfiles in containers, which then can be linked via bindings. With this enhancement, the lifecycle of application services can be easily managed.

vCloud Air and vCloud Director Support: ElasticBox supports a multitude of private and public cloud infrastructure providers. Enterprises with VMWare's vCloud Air or vCloud Director workloads can now leverage ElasticBox for complete workload automation. At deploy time, ElasticBox auto provisions vApps, one template per VM, and orchestrates automation.

Product Information and Availability
For additional information on ElasticBox, please visit To sign up for the free version of ElasticBox, visit

Published Thursday, June 25, 2015 12:49 PM by David Marshall
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