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StarWind Software's Hyper-Converged Platform (H-CP) Solution Meets SMB Needs

Hyper-converged solutions became one of the hottest technologies talked about in 2014, and it continues to gain recognition and mainstream credibility as more and more players enter the expanding market.

Hyper-converged infrastructures typically refer to the bringing together of server, storage and networking components, combining them with a virtualization hypervisor layer of some sort, and introducing a management software layer to help glue everything together.  Part of the charm is that it can work with commodity hardware, allowing an organization to make use of the equipment already on hand.  But when configuring a private cloud in this way, it's important to make sure these components work together flawlessly, and in turn, make sure they are developed and tested collectively.  At the same time, smaller organizations and SMB operations need to find a hyper-converged system that meets those demands but also fit within the constraints of their IT budget.

One of the company's I've been speaking with that has an answer for that challenge is StarWind Software.  

StarWind is known as one of the industry’s leading storage management solutions with its innovative StarWind Virtual SAN technology, but what you might not have known is that it also has a recently released hyper-converged solution called StarWind Hyper-Converged Platform (H-CP).  This integrated solution contains all the hardware, software and management tools needed to run a private cloud, but more importantly, the different components were designed and tested for compatibility.  

According to the company:

StarWind unifies commodity servers and storage hardware, hypervisor and associated software into a single scalable layer. StarWind Hyper-Converged Platform has minimalistic initial hardware footprint of just two servers, called Hyper-Converged Platform Units (H-CPUs). Network switches are optional. Scaling unit is just one server at a time. Compute and storage resources can be leveraged individually matching customer workload and other requirements.

H-CPUs are pre-configured, pre-tested and pre-tuned for every specific case, and shipped by StarWind’s hardware partners.

To bring together a solution, StarWind unifies what it considers "best of breed" components:

  • Servers – The hardware for StarWind H-CP uses Dell PowerEdge series servers.  StarWind is able to provide these at a low cost through xByte Technologies, a specialist in reselling servers.
  • Hypervisor – A cloud environment depends on virtualization to provide rapid deployment and scalability, workload mobility, and high-availability by running the virtual machine on a cluster.  StarWind’s H-CP leverages Microsoft’s Hyper-V hypervisor running on Windows Server 2012 R2, and made highly-available using Failover Clustering.
  • Storage – SANs are usually expensive and priced outside the budget range of most smaller shops.  But StarWind’s H-CP leverages its own StarWind Virtual SAN software-defined storage technology which eliminates the need for a SAN entirely by replicating the data between direct-attached storage (DAS) disks, keeping the costs of shared storage low.
  • Networking – Networks have evolved in hyper-converged systems to include storage data.  The StarWind H-CP solution comes with all the networking components built-in for fast throughput and redundancy.
  • Backup – Beyond StarWind's H-CP high-availability capabilities, it goes one step further by also backing up the data to a different location, so that it can be recovered in the event of a data loss.  To do that, it uses Veeam Backup and Replication, which is fully integrated into the StarWind HP-C stack.
  • Security – The StarWind H-CP solution is integrated with 5nine Software’s agentless antivirus and anti-malware solution, 5nine Manager with Antivirus.  This technology installs the agent on the Hyper-V host and scans networking traffic and disks for different types of threats that match signatures provided by Kaspersky Lab or ThreatTrack VIPRE.
  • Management – 5nine Manager with Antivirus also provides a centralized management platform for hosts, clusters and virtual machines, providing many of the features of Microsoft System Center at a fraction of the cost.

StarWind can also offer Virtual H-CP as a software-only version to be used on a company's existing set of hardware, accepting industry-standard hardware from the vendor of choice.

Sound interesting?  Find out more in the StarWind H-CP Overview guide or the Product Data Sheet.

You can also check out their Website to find out how to bundle and save 42% with their StarWind Hyper-Converged Platform (H-CP) solution.

Published Tuesday, July 14, 2015 6:23 AM by David Marshall
StarWind Software Inc. News 3 August 2015 | CHARBEL NEMNOM @ Hyper-V Virtual Geek - (Author's Link) - August 4, 2015 5:28 AM
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