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Ruxit Announces Deep Visibility for Docker Monitoring

Ruxit, the fastest growing monitoring provider for large-scale dynamic environments, today announced the general availability of Deep Docker Monitoring. This new solution from Ruxit addresses the key technological challenges of moving containerized, micro service applications into production, and meets a growing need as Docker adoption becomes more prevalent. Ruxit’s Docker capabilities are far more extensive than partial solutions recently announced by competitors.

Ruxit’s full visibility into Docker production environments integrates views across the infrastructure and applications, auto-identifying dependencies and enabling organizations to identify and resolve issues faster and more effectively.

With container technologies being used increasingly in production, Ruxit Deep Docker Monitoring meets the rising demand for easy-to-use, yet powerful monitoring and management solutions for Docker environments. “A new study we will be releasing next month reveals that about 40 percent of Docker users are already or about to move into production. As they take this step, close to 50 percent see proper monitoring as a key challenge they have to master,” said Bernd Greifeneder, founder of Ruxit.

To try Ruxit with Docker monitoring for free, sign up here.

“Keeping track of our real-time scalable Docker environment running on AWS Elastic Beanstalk was a real challenge before we deployed Ruxit’s Deep Docker Monitoring solution. Ruxit enables us to run our systems at ideal performance levels and helps us to resolve problems quickly,” said Christian Beikov, Co-Founder of Sweazer.

When asked about how Ruxit’s Docker support is different from other monitoring providers such as New Relic, Datadog or AppDynamics who recently announced support for Docker environments, Greifeneder said, “We have built a full-stack solution, not a partial, limited one. Ruxit not only allows organizations to monitor Docker stats data, but also automatically detects all running processes and hosted micro services. All this information gets visualized with Ruxit’s smartscape technology.”

The product update is part of Ruxit’s Liquid Datacenter initiative that builds on existing experience with VMWare and AWS environments to address today’s highly complex and dynamic IT environments. The Docker-specific extension adds key features to the Ruxit platform, including:

  •     Real-time visualization of multi-datacenter environments.
  •     Management for the dynamics of Kubernetes, Apache Mesos and AWS Elastic Beanstalk.
  •     Deep network monitoring for Software Defined Networks.
  •     Capacity planning for Docker-based micro service architecture.

“Docker in production is a dynamic and fast evolving field, and we will be releasing even more innovation in the next months ahead,” says Greifeneder. For more information on Ruxit’s support for Docker, read Alois Mayr’s latest blog post here.

Published Friday, July 17, 2015 7:30 AM by David Marshall
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