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Q&A: Interview with FireHost CEO Chris Drake, Talking About Public Cloud Security and FireHost Armor for Microsoft Azure

When you have a discussion about the public cloud, one of the topics that always comes up early in the conversation is security.  So when a public cloud company prides themselves on security and makes sure to mention it as top of mind and puts it front and center rather than hope the issue never comes up, you have to take notice.  With growing security and compliance issues surfacing around HIPAA and PCI DSS, FireHost is out there championing itself as the most secure, managed cloud available, protecting sensitive data and brand reputations of its clients.  To find out more about the company's security positioning and its recent product announcement around Microsoft Azure, I spoke with FireHost CEO, Chris Drake.

VMblog:  FireHost recently announced FireHost Armor to secure and manage the Microsoft Azure public cloud.  What are the main updates included in this release?

Chris Drake: The ubiquity of cloud infrastructures opens new opportunities for mobile - and data-centric environments, particularly when optimized with security-enhanced capabilities. FireHost Armor provides organizations a properly managed, supported and protected Azure environment. With this solution, organizations may balance security, cost-effectiveness and cloud accessibility by combining the benefits of Azure Virtual Machines (VM) and proactive security and support teams.

VMblog:  And what is the business advantage for using Microsoft Azure, now with FireHost Armor?

Drake: Operating in Microsoft Azure public cloud has many cost and flexibility advantages. Additionally, organizations that store, access or manage critical or sensitive data will still require the trust, performance and government-grade security of FireHost's Virtual Private Cloud, which meets the strictest compliance and security objectives. FireHost Armor and Azure perfectly complement organizations that trust and require multiple cloud environments.

VMblog:  How does FireHost Armor compare or relate to the previously released FireHost Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)?

Drake: The FireHost VPC is the standard for highly secure, fully managed cloud infrastructure as it offers unmatched service for sensitive workloads that demand top levels of compliance and performance. Companies that use the VPC, security and/or compliance is their number one requirement. Often times, they are dealing with data that's part of industries with stringent compliance standards or certifications such as PCI, HIPAA/HITRUST, ISO, etc.

FireHost Armor offers cybersecurity for data deployed on a public cloud infrastructure. Customers get managed VM-level protection for their Azure workloads. Considering this is security for the public cloud, often times security is a number two requirement and end users don't have to deal with as stringent compliance issues. These customers are committed to the public cloud provider and need a fully managed public cloud with VM layer security but do not need network layer security. 

VMblog:  Any feedback yet?  What have customers been saying about this product so far?

Drake: As shared by Max Longin, Founder, RevenueWell, "We'll forever understand and respect the sensitivity of ePHI and other critical healthcare data. For those critical data types, a security-enhanced, HIPAA-compliant cloud is always the answer. As RevenueWell evolved its cloud strategy, we understood that not all data is equal and we could realize tremendous business efficiencies by protecting other sensitive data with FireHost Armor."

VMblog:  What's Microsoft's take on further securing their Azure platform?

Drake: According to Nicole Herskowitz, Senior Director of Product Marketing of Microsoft Azure, "The ability to add proven layers of security and management - from a reputable cloud security company like FireHost - opens new doors for organizations as they build effective multi-cloud strategies," said Nicole Herskowitz, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Microsoft Azure. "We are excited that FireHost is now available in the Azure Marketplace."  

VMblog:  And when can Azure users get their hands on FireHost Armor?  When is it readily available?

Drake: FireHost Armor for securing and managing the Microsoft Azure public cloud is available today.


Once again, thank you to Chris Drake, CEO of FireHost, for taking time out to speak with VMblog about FireHost Armor and protecting Azure cloud environments.

Published Thursday, August 13, 2015 9:02 AM by David Marshall
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