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Q&A: StackEngine Reveals Container Technology Takeaways, Trends and Futures from ContainerCon 2015


Containers are a hot topic in computing right now.  The technology has proven itself to be an effective and efficient method for deploying applications.  And while I couldn't participate in DockerCon or ContainerCon this year, I did have a chance to recently catch up with Jon Reeve, the VP of Product at StackEngine, to get his thoughts on the event, technology trends, and any key takeaways and lessons learned from the show.

VMblog:  So after participating in both DockerCon and ContainerCon, can you share your thoughts on how these shows either aligned with one another or differed?

Jon Reeve:  I think a common theme we observed is that a large number of folks are trying to learn more about containers and what it means for their infrastructure.  There's general agreement that containers are very important and will be disruptive to how things are done today in areas like configuration management, application deployment and operations, but companies are trying to work through that and understand what it means for them.  DockerCon was obviously focused on Docker specifically, but with ContainerCon, there were also a lot of general Linux folks, with strong interest in open source and other technologies in addition to Docker itself.

VMblog:  What were some of the key takeaways learned at ContainerCon?

Reeve:  Folks have been through multiple technology waves, which continue to accelerate - they want to make sure all the boxes are checked in order to move containers into production including security, orchestration, logging, monitoring, and enabling Ops and DevOps teams.

VMblog:  With containers still evolving and growing, what type of conversations did you have with attendees during the show?  What were some of the big questions being asked?

Reeve:  You get a feel for where people are in their lifecycle.  Some are at the early learning stages, some use Docker and containers for development only, and some have built out full-on production deployments.  The folks that are running in production have had to overcome some hurdles on their own, and they are trying to pass that knowledge on to others earlier in their journey.  The most common recurring questions are happening around security, networking and storage - often regarding the maturity of the Docker platform itself but also the surrounding ecosystem.

VMblog:  How does this tie into the overall trends you're seeing in the market?

Reeve:  To a large extent, it is following the classic technology adoption cycle.  You have the early adopters who have put in (and continue to put in) a lot of work to get things working, often devoting their own core development resources to solve these early challenges - many of these so called Unicorns, are frequently out on the west coast.  The majority of shops are looking for a complete and usable solution vs. a build-it-yourself mentality - and interestingly - even some of the Unicorns are now looking for a solution as well - so they can focus dev resources on their core products and business.

VMblog:  Can you give us a sense of where you guys are headed as a company in the coming months?  Without giving away the farm, what's on the horizon?

Reeve:  You'll continue to see us focus on building the highly usable operational solution described above.  There's still a lot of focus in the industry on the underlying cogs, infrastructure and building blocks - important of course but not enough in our opinion to get to a secure and production-ready solution for Ops and DevOps teams - look for exciting things from us here over the coming months in this area :)


Once again, thank you to Jon Reeve, VP of Product at StackEngine, for taking time out to speak with VMblog.

Published Tuesday, August 25, 2015 6:31 AM by David Marshall
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