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Dot Hill Awarded Patent for Read-Cache Operation
Dot Hill Systems Corp., the real-time hybrid storage company, today announced that it has been awarded a patent that provides more efficient management of read-cache operations. The patented technology is used by the storage controller to intelligently optimize cache memory, resulting in lower than average data read times compared to traditional storage controllers. The technology is an integral component of RealStor, Dot Hill's real-time storage operating system, and is now available in Dot Hill's AssuredSAN 3004, 4004 and 6004 hybrid storage arrays. 

"The Internet of Things and rise of real-time, read-intensive computing has created a need for storage technologies that can quickly and intelligently manage growing data traffic workloads," said Ken Day, chief technology officer, Dot Hill. "Our patented RealStor technology is core to meeting these demands with greater predictive intelligence. Recent test results published by Demartek illustrate the performance advantage of our hybrid storage with real-time tiering that delivers nearly 5x performance over all-HDD configurations. This demonstrates our ongoing efforts to push the frontiers of storage innovation by optimizing every aspect of how we manage, profile and tier data to address changing application and end-user requirements."

Dot Hill's AssuredSAN arrays are built with robust active-active high availability controllers that deliver performance, reliability and resilience for demanding storage applications in server-centric applications in data centers and purpose-built vertical market applications. This patented technology optimizes read cache utilization resulting in faster access to critical data. This invention utilizes complex profiling processes to accurately predict if data currently in a read cache memory is likely to be read in the near future. If it is, the data is maintained in the read cache. If it is not, the processes replace the data least likely to be read with data in the storage devices that is most likely to be read. The result is a very efficient utilization of the cache for improved performance.

The company's 106th U.S. patent, numbered 9,053,038, joins a growing portfolio of Dot Hill innovations behind its AssuredSAN hybrid arrays, delivering low-cost, high-performance storage systems to meet the challenges of IoT and third-platform computing applications.
Published Tuesday, September 15, 2015 6:31 PM by David Marshall
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