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Cloud Cruiser Enhances Product Offerings to Optimize Amazon Web Services (AWS) Spend
Cloud Cruiser, a leading provider of software solutions for hybrid cloud analytics, today announced Amazon Web Services (AWS)-specific product enhancements that enable customers to better maximize the value of their public cloud investments. The addition of the CloudWatch collector via API integration in addition to new Reserved Instance (RI) reporting capabilities extend the reach of the current offerings by providing enhanced AWS metering capabilities. 

"Cloud providers, both public and private, are recognizing the value added when customer usage is clearly understood," said Deirdre Mahon, CMO of Cloud Cruiser. "When the customer can easily see what services have been consumed by whom in the organization, confidence in the bill accuracy increases. This confidence extends to the provider as well, in the form of concrete metrics which prove out the value and of course additional investment."

The company's CloudWatch enhancement is an out-of-the-box collection source that provides customers with the enhanced ability to monitor AWS resources -including their performance, utilization and operational health. In addition, customers can develop their own metrics to add to those provided by CloudWatch. Additional RI reporting capabilities allow customers to determine the optimal RI/on-demand resource allocation mix and the capacity to tie RI usage back to users - departments, projects, cost centers, or even individuals.

Urgent customer needs to tie RI usage back to users drove the development of this new capability, which relies on Cloud Cruiser's business mapping technology to transform IT data into business meaning. When tying usage to users at a granular level, Cloud Cruiser can incorporate business information from external sources and is not dependent on rigorous tagging to provide benefit to the business.

"The best cloud analytics products have a foundation for automating data collection, mapping to business entity and doing so in a consistent and repeatable way, across all clouds," said Andrew Atkinson, Senior Director, Product Marketing of Cloud Cruiser. "These characteristics make it easy for any cloud user or viewer - whether in IT, Line of Business, finance or C-suite to quickly understand consumption, at what cost and the overall impact to the business top-line and bottom-line.  AWS is part of Hybrid, which is in our DNA, and these latest enhancements build upon this foundation."

Cloud Cruiser offers an innovative cloud analytics solution built from the ground up for today's cloud economy. Cloud Cruiser uniquely offers a solution to track financial and operational metrics for hybrid cloud.  For more information and pricing or conduct a trial, visit the company's website.
Published Monday, October 05, 2015 1:35 PM by David Marshall
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