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Puppet Labs Joins ProfitBricks’ Growing List of Infrastructure Automation Tools for DevOps Pros
ProfitBricks, the leading provider of painless cloud infrastructure, has added yet another tool for the growing DevOps community as it announced today that the ProfitBricks cloud supports Puppet Labs software, the most widely adopted configuration management tool. DevOps teams using ProfitBricks now have a wider suite of infrastructure automation technologies to choose from when building and maintaining their cloud infrastructure, as well as a burgeoning community of fellow DevOps professionals in the ProfitBricks cloud to tap into for knowledge and support. 

Puppet enables DevOps teams to automate and centralize the configuration of their cloud. Through the use of Puppet, users can automate every stage of application delivery, saving significant amounts of time from the initial provisioning stage through to the automation of deployment.

"Puppet Labs wants to make it possible for everyone to be able to quickly adopt the best technology available in the market," said John Leon, director of alliances at Puppet Labs. "We're happy to be part of ProfitBricks' DevOps Central so more organizations from around the world have access to the tools that can help them move faster, confidently."

"By supporting Puppet, the ProfitBricks cloud now has the toolset required for DevOps teams to use their preferred automation technology when creating, managing and modifying their virtual datacenters," said Matt Baldwin, chief architect at ProfitBricks. "A wider choice of automation tools helps to remove concerns about a need to reskill DevOps teams, and enhances the painless experience of the ProfitBricks cloud infrastructure."

ProfitBricks' support for Puppet, along with Ansible and Chef, follows the cloud infrastructure provider's launch of its DevOps Central community in April 2015. The company has since released its REST API along with support for a number of multi-cloud libraries and SDKs for Python, Ruby, .NET, Node.js, Go and Java.

"Once again ProfitBricks has given DevOps teams a reason to embrace the painless cloud computing experience that it provides," said Achim Weiss, CEO and co-founder of ProfitBricks. "The growth of our automation toolset with Puppet, Ansible and Chef is just another piece in our substantive and beneficial DevOps offering that has been rolled out this year. We can confidently assert that DevOps professionals can look forward to the community, tools and support from ProfitBricks that they need for their painless cloud experience."

To learn more about ProfitBricks and review the Puppet documentation, visit the DevOps Central community:

Published Tuesday, October 06, 2015 1:55 PM by David Marshall
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