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QLogic Unveils StorFusion Technology Designed for Mission-critical, Private Cloud and Flash-accelerated Workloads in Collaboration with Brocade

Today, QLogic announced StorFusion, a new suite of features available with the new QLogic Enhanced Gen 5 (16Gb) Fibre Channel Adapters, also announced today. StorFusion, which leverages the Brocade Fabric Vision technology, is designed to streamline provisioning, add resiliency and improve management visibility, addressing the needs of IT organizations that require increased reliability, integrated management and guaranteed network performance. Together, QLogic and Brocade are delivering a full suite of diagnostics, rapid provisioning, and guaranteed performance service-level agreements (SLAs) throughout the fabric. The combined solution provides:

  • Improved Total Cost of Ownership and Reliability - The advanced diagnostics and monitoring suite combines QLogic Enhanced Gen 5 Fibre Channel Adapters with Brocade Gen 5 Fibre Channel switches to enable:
    • Improved Link Diagnostics - Support for Brocade ClearLink (D_Port) allows IT administrators to quickly run automated connectivity diagnostic tests in a single step. This feature rapidly identifies optics or cable problems, significantly reducing fabric deployment time and helping to ensure reliable connections.
    • Faster Troubleshooting of Failing Components - Saving additional time and resources, the Read Diagnostic Parameters (RDP) feature obtains statistics remotely, accessing diagnostic information from anywhere in the fabric, easily identifying the source of network and media errors.
    • Simplified Cable Identification and Management - Link Cable Beacon (LCB) technology enables light-emitting diode (LED) beaconing for ports on both ends of a physical link, simplifying cable identification and management with visual indication, particularly in large storage environments.
    • Improved Resiliency and Performance - Forward Error Correction (FEC) improves performance and link integrity, supporting higher end-to-end data rates by automatically detecting and correcting link errors.
    • Enhanced Configuration Management and Performance - Fibre Channel Ping (FC Ping), Fibre Channel Trace Route (FC Trace Route) and Fabric Device Management Interface (FDMI) streamline configuration and management, while improving performance.
  • Rapid Deployment and Orchestration - Automating and simplifying storage area network (SAN) deployment and management tasks by using software-defined dynamic fabric provisioning via fabric assigned port worldwide name (FA-WWN) and fabric-based boot LUN discovery (F-BLD), StorFusion allows IT administrators to pre-provision SAN fabrics, eliminating the repetitive manual process and ensuring that new servers boot directly to the operating system. These features allow the data center to scale without compromising SLAs and can reduce the number of steps required to deploy servers by up to 30 percent, saving organizations a significant amount of time and effort, up to 75 percent in large server deployments.
  • Performance SLA Enforcement in Multi-tenant and Virtualized Data Centers - StorFusion allows multiple virtual ports to share a single physical port, while maintaining minimum performance per virtual port and its related virtual machine (VM) all the way through the fabric using a frame based prioritization mechanism.

"Mission-critical, private cloud and flash-accelerated workloads demand the utmost in performance, QoS and infrastructure reliability," said Vikram Karvat, vice president of products, marketing and planning, QLogic. "The new QLogic StorFusion suite allows IT administrations to increase operational simplicity, understand their connectivity, even in complex virtual environments, and address network errors before they impact business operations."

"Our collaboration with QLogic is changing the Fibre Channel industry landscape and solving customer challenges around the deployment of servers, storage, and networking," said Jack Rondoni, vice president of storage networking, Brocade. "The integration of Brocade and QLogic technology extends Fabric Vision features end-to-end to accelerate server deployments, maximize application performance, and improve infrastructure reliability. Our mutual customers will benefit from increased infrastructure efficiency, reduced OpEx and simplified management."

The new QLogic Enhanced Gen 5 Fibre Channel Adapters with StorFusion technology will begin shipping this month.

Published Monday, October 12, 2015 8:34 AM by David Marshall
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