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AUTOMIC Announces Docker Containers Support Within Online Marketplace

AUTOMIC, the leader in Business Automation, today announced the availability of the AUTOMIC Docker Action Pack within the AUTOMIC Plugin Marketplace.

Enterprises are looking to reduce the complexity of continuous delivery of enterprise applications by utilizing the benefits of container technology. AUTOMIC's Docker Action Pack can now rollout and orchestrate their Docker container environments as a part of their enterprise continuous delivery pipeline. Adding yet another open source technology, such as containers, can potentially increase the speed of delivery of distributed applications … yet adds a new level of management to already overloaded IT teams.

The AUTOMIC Docker Action Pack can be found on the AUTOMIC Plug-in Marketplace – a one-stop shop where customers, partners and independent consultants can browse, buy, download or contribute plugins to drive automation across their enterprises. The addition of the new action pack for Docker allows developers and IT operations teams to take advantage of Docker container benefits with little fear of the new additional administrative overhead it creates and adds to your already busy teams. Pre-built Docker containers can be selected from the open-source AUTOMIC Marketplace and dropped seamlessly into the AUTOMIC Release Automation product for immediate deployment to production status

AUTOMIC’s Release Automation product in conjunction with the Docker Action Pack offers customers the piece of mind and centralized orchestration to automate the process of creating new containers from Docker files and managing their container registries while remaining within a single environment. Now customers can reap the benefits of Docker containers quicker, by seamlessly adding container management into their existing continuous delivery processes.

“Leveraging Docker’s containers is quickly becoming an increasing component in our customers’ strategies. We’re excited to add the leading container vendor into the mix as AUTOMIC continues to centrally orchestrate and speed up the continuous delivery process,” stated Dr. Chris Boorman, Chief Marketing Officer of AUTOMIC. “We are committed to supporting developers in their drive to adopt containerization to handle their complex distributed applications. Although Docker provides application flexibility and portability – like many open source technologies it adds its own new levels of management that is stalling the adoption and rollout of this potentially very beneficial technology. The AUTOMIC Docker Action pack is specifically designed to address these new management challenges that just add new layers of complexity. That is why we are excited to be launching the Docker action pack. Making this available through our online Marketplace means our users can start to take advantage of automating their Docker platform with AUTOMIC immediately.”

“For some time now we have used AUTOMIC’s Release Automation product for faster deployment and delivery of business critical applications. Integrating Docker into the AUTOMIC Release Automation product allows us to quickly streamline the building and deployment of our container-based apps into our existing deployment pipeline,” stated John Gildenzoph, DevOps Engineer with TASC. “The combination of AUTOMIC’s release automation capabilities with Docker containers also allows us to all but eliminate configuration and deployment problems and rapidly create a self-contained run-time environment to accelerate development. This solution is critical to the success of our business.”

“As enterprises seek to leverage the flexibility and elasticity of cloud computing resource, they are increasingly turning to containers to manage the packaging and deploying their apps and services. The new AUTOMIC action pack for Docker will make life easier for development and IT Ops teams as they automate their entire release deployment lifecycle. Integrating with Docker will improve the quality of application releases as well as speed the delivery of new IT apps and services to the business users,” said Dr Robin Bloor, Chief Research Analyst, Bloor Group.

Pricing & Availability:

The AUTOMIC Docker Action Pack is immediately available through the AUTOMIC Marketplace. Pricing is available on-request.

Published Wednesday, October 14, 2015 5:26 PM by David Marshall
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