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Swisscom Launches New PaaS Offering Based on Cloud Foundry Powered by ClusterHQ's Container Data Management Software
ClusterHQ, The Container Data People, today announced the integration of its container data management software, Flocker, into Swisscom's new PaaS offering -- Swisscom Application Cloud. Swisscom, Switzerland's leading information and telecommunications technology company chose ClusterHQ for managing its customers' critical databases because only Flocker specifically addresses the problems associated with running a containerized persistent service in production. The Swisscom Application Cloud, a public PaaS based on Cloud Foundry, is leveraging Docker and Flocker, which allows customers to easily provision and manage containerized services, including their databases, in production from a single, secure platform.

"Persistent data management was the key feature that we needed to build a leading edge Platform-as-a-Service with Cloud Foundry on top. With Flocker, we found a way to effectively manage and migrate Docker containers and their associated data between servers as real-world operations demand," said Marco Hochstrasser, Head of Swisscom Application Cloud. "Thanks to Flocker, Swisscom has successfully implemented container-based services to achieve new growth opportunities. The integration of Flocker into our new Cloud Foundry PaaS offering has finally made persistent and containerized services on a production level achievable."

With the new Swisscom Application Cloud, developers have the freedom to focus on writing applications because Swisscom automatically takes on all the operational tasks, including the management of servers, storage, and networking. Swisscom's PaaS offering gives developers a new level of simplicity and security for the development and management of modern cloud native applications built with microservices architectures. Unlike most PaaS offerings that require users to adopt a separate service to manage databases, Flocker enables Swisscom to offer a unified platform to their users that includes Database-as-a-Service, as well as Messaging-as-a-Service offerings such as MongoDB, MariaDB and RabbitMQ. From the Swisscom perspective, Flocker enables entire applications created on the Swisscom Application Cloud to experience the portability and per-server density benefits inherent in containers, a boon to service providers who must always look for ways to increase application density without sacrificing operational manageability.

"Flocker increases the ease with which enterprises like Swisscom can adopt containers to simplify the creation, deployment and management of stateful applications," said Mark Davis, CEO of ClusterHQ. "Our customers are proving that by using Flocker to deploy stateful containers in production environments, they gain meaningful business benefits such as improved operational management and increased per-server density of applications."

Flocker is quickly becoming the industry standard for running stateful services in production. ClusterHQ is creating a thriving ecosystem around Flocker through partnerships with industry-leading enterprise storage providers such as EMC, VMware and NetApp and integrations with leading container companies such as Docker, Mesosphere and CoreOS. For more information on how to get started with Flocker, visit:

Published Thursday, October 22, 2015 9:23 AM by David Marshall
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