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Reduxio Enables VMware Customers to Instantly Recover Data from Any Second in Their Storage System’s History
Reduxio Systems (Reduxio) today announced the release of the Reduxio Storage Manager (RSM) for VMware vSphere. RSM enables VMware customers to use Reduxio’s HX 550 Flash Hybrid storage system’s BackDating mechanism to instantly clone and recover Virtual Machines (VMs) and data stores at the granularity of one second directly from VMware vCenter. Obsoleting snapshots, BackDating with RSM for VMware vSphere reduces recovery time from hours to seconds, simplifies data protection management, and eliminates excessive overhead associated with conventional snapshot technologies for VMware customers.

With BackDating, when a data store or a VM has an issue, VMware customers can clone or revert the data store to the second before the issue occurred. Backdating also offers the smallest recovery window for a virtualization environment.

“BackDating provides automatic consistency, which makes it possible to recover complex environments across data stores with no upfront configuration,” said Mark Weiner, Reduxio’s CEO and co-founder. “These capabilities, combined with our flash hybrid storage system’s innovative deduplication, compression and tiering, deliver breakthrough storage efficiency and performance – and not just for VMware, but also for datacenter applications from Microsoft, Oracle and other major software providers.”

Redefining Data Management and Protection

The Reduxio enterprise hybrid storage system provides IT managers and storage administrators with flash performance at less than the cost of hard disks. This allows users to consolidate applications to a system that is simple to deploy, easy to manage and allows applications to be recovered at the granularity of a single second.

Reduxio’s flash hybrid systems are based on the Reduxio TimeOS. The core of the TimeOS is its revolutionary new metadata architecture that tracks all input/output (IO) operations to the storage and frees volumes from the bounds of physical storage. The TimeOS enables the following features in the HX550:

  • Nodup: the only real-time, in-line, global, always on deduplication and compression for hybrid storage, maximizing the memory cache and the flash tier, and minimizing overall data foot-print.
  • Tier-X: continuous and automatic block-level tiering that stores first on flash, and moves cold data to slower tiers.
  • BackDating: the ability to recover data infinitely to any second in the history of a volume, eliminating the need to plan, manage or set snapshot schedules or consistency groups.

Reduxio Systems, based in Silicon Valley, is perfectly positioned to deliver exceptional value and unparalleled performance to the enterprise primary storage market.

At VMworld 2015, Reduxio’s HX550 Flash Hybrid storage system and its introduction of BackDating were recognized with the Best of Show award in the Virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure category.

Published Thursday, November 19, 2015 3:57 PM by David Marshall
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