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TSO Logic 2016 Predictions: The True Cost of VMs Will Be Revealed!

Virtualization and Cloud executives share their predictions for 2016.  Read them in this 8th Annual series exclusive.

Contributed by Aaron Rallo, Chief Executive Officer of TSO Logic

The True Cost of VMs Will Be Revealed!

In 2016, VMs will no longer be free (not that they ever were).

Because virtual computing power is so easy to deploy, there's been a tendency to believe that virtual machines are free. They're not and they never were. In 2016, we'll see greater scrutiny of the real costs of running virtual machines, as well as greater attention paid to any inefficiencies surrounding application delivery and the utilization of IT resources. Here are four related issues to keep an eye on in the upcoming year:

1) People will become aware that VMs cost more than they once thought - Traditionally, the prevailing mindset was that virtual machines had no costly baggage, and therefore, there was no need to account for them. But with economic pressure to cut operating expenses and eliminate waste coming down from the C-Level, a strict accounting is overdue. The reality is, VMs do indeed have real costs - they consume space on hosts, gobble up storage, and can incur hefty licensing fees. Plus, they have to be maintained by IT staffers, which diverts costly resources from more value-added initiatives. And our experience shows that 30 percent of virtual servers are not being used at all, which makes finding and eliminating them a great way to cut costs in the data center.

2) Greater efforts will be made to discover the true cost of delivering applications - Application delivery is, arguably, the single largest data center expense that executives know the least about. It's a "mystery" that stems from a lack of insight and controls. With the right tools, IT can take control of workload provisioning to bypass inefficiencies and bring down the cost. For instance, in many data centers, workloads are often distributed across older, less efficient servers. Having the ability to reallocate resources on the fly and reduce the underutilization of efficient servers gives you the ability to drive down costs. Knowing the the true cost of delivering applications presents an opportunity to make your business a more profitable one.

3) Your boss will want to know how much it costs to move to the cloud - If your company is not there already, get ready. For organizations considering a move to the cloud or a hybrid environment, it is becoming increasingly important to know the technical and financial implications. You'll need to gather good intel to ensure your investment is cost-effective and can be continuously optimized.

4) Security teams will crack down on unused compute - Every server, used or not, is a potential point of entry that needs to be secured. So eliminating server sprawl means fewer machines to protect. Since as much as 30 percent of servers in a typical data center are not doing anything at all, watch for the security folks to come looking for the low-hanging, security-risk fruit and take physical and virtual zombie servers offline.


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Aaron Rallo is chief executive officer of TSO Logic, a privately held company that delivers a software platform to integrate the essential components for optimizing IT operations in any data center environment - from legacy, to virtual, and complex cloud environments.

Published Wednesday, November 25, 2015 6:35 AM by David Marshall
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