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Zensar Boosts Storage Performance up to Three Times With I2 Xleration Software
Zensar Technologies, a leading software services and infrastructure provider, today announced it has broadened the company's end-to-end storage lifecycle management portfolio with the availability of I2 XLeration Software, which improves storage performance for VMware users' existing storage infrastructure. I2 XLeration Software improves storage performance up to three times, extending the life of Capex storage investments, and ultimately improves the performance of applications running within VMs.

According to Gartner research, "Many external forces will transform the data center during the next five years, impacting enterprise storage more than ever. To better address fast-moving, ever-evolving business demands, the IT organization must become leaner, faster and more agile."

"Storage bottlenecks are one of the biggest challenges faced by organizations today, as storage performance fails to keep pace with data center computing. In addition, purchasing and migrating to new storage appliances is an expensive and cumbersome process," said Ankit Ghosh, Senior Vice President, Global IM at Zensar. "Zensar's I2XLeration Software complements our existing breadth of storage lifecycle management solutions and allows customers to gain the most benefit from their existing storage appliance."

I2 XLeration Software comes at a fraction of the cost of a new storage appliance, and without the hassle of application and data migration efforts. Deploying I2 XLeration Software requires no downtime to user's existing VMware and storage infrastructure, is seamless to the user's existing SAN based storage architecture, and is easy to manage once deployed. I2 XLeration Software boosts performance of a legacy environment to achieve flash array-type performance, and provides several benefits including:

  • Improves VM level storage throughput and reduces latencies
  • Lower cost per MBps of storage throughput vs. SSD based appliances
  • Increases host capacity and VM to host ratio
  • Improves application performance
  • Non-disruptive to existing VMware and storage operations
  • Eliminates need to replace or upgrade existing storage infrastructure
  • Extends the return of investment of existing storage environments and hardware.

Storage performance is especially vital in data-intensive industries that rely on many rapid transactions, such as healthcare, retail and financial services. For example, in a financial services firm where transactions need to be executed in near real-time, even a small improvement in storage performance can yield an average savings of up to 25% over an existing SAN upgrade. And in a hospital setting, improved storage capability can translate to faster access to patient data. I2XLeration Software can provide the enhanced storage performance needed to create improvements that directly impact the end user.

Zensar's I2XLeration Software complements the company's Data Center Management and End User Experience Management solutions, which monitors and identifies application performance issues from the premise, over the network and in the data center. As an example, customers can take advantage of I2 XLeration to improve application performance, and they can then track that performance in relation to end user satisfaction via the End User Experience Management console. I2 XLeration Software adds to Zensar's suite of end-to-end storage lifecycle management solutions, which includes Storage as a Service and Multi-Vendor Support (MVS), as well as Zensar's Converged Infrastructure Modernization solutions.

I2 XLeration also integrates with Cisco UCS client environments and EMC environments due to low latency and by caching frequently used data to an in-host SSD.

To learn more about Zensar's I2XLeration Software and Storage solutions, please visit

Published Monday, November 30, 2015 10:29 AM by David Marshall
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