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Stratodesk 2016 Predictions: VDI Clients Will Be More Secure and Easier to Manage in 2016

Virtualization and Cloud executives share their predictions for 2016.  Read them in this 8th Annual series exclusive.

Contributed by Emanuel Pirker, CEO of Stratodesk

VDI Clients Will Be More Secure and Easier to Manage in 2016

1)     Single sign-on a big driver for VDI

We're seeing that one of the biggest drivers for deploying virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI) is to give users single sign-on access to all the applications they need. When multiple sign-ons are eliminated, users reclaim hundreds of hours a year of productivity.

Rolling out a single sign-on VDI project also enables security-conscious organizations to get sensitive information off of their traditional endpoints.

2)     Two problems solved with one strategy

Many organizations are using VDI to replace legacy Windows laptops and desktops that were expensive to upgrade and complex to secure.  And many of these organizations are discovering that they can repurpose the legacy laptops or desktops as secure and inexpensive VDI clients for their VPNs, for about 90 percent less than the cost of replacing them with new thin clients.

3)     VDI endpoints are becoming more secure

As organizations deploy VDI clients, they have a growing level of awareness that the clients need to be more secure than they've been.  Thin or zero clients are traditionally safer than thick clients because they have no files or applications. But the client itself can still contain configuration and connection data such as IP addresses, Wi-Fi certificates, and passwords, all of which are valuable to hackers.

When organizations become aware that this type of data resides on VDI endpoints, they seek centralized client management software that can not only repurpose PCs and laptops as clients, and manage additional thin and zero clients, but also encrypt all of the tiny amount of information remaining on a client, to further enhance security and compliance. Demand for this enhanced level of security is growing.

4)     More will seek VDI management flexibility

A number of organizations are also frustrated with VDI management software that locks them in to particular VDI hardware. They want to be able to centrally and remotely manage their entire collection of VDI clients from a single console, including re-purposed PCs, laptops, and thin and zero clients from multiple vendors, as needed.

Greater client security and more flexible client management will be two of the new norms in VDI expectations in 2016.


About the Author

Emanuel Pirker is CEO of Stratodesk, the maker of NoTouch software, which repurposes existing PCs and laptops in just seconds to become "zero-like" virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) clients. NoTouch High Security includes strong encryption for local user data on each VDI client. Stratodesk just won Gewinn Magazine's "Best Startup 2015" prize in the IT/e-commerce category.


Published Friday, December 04, 2015 9:12 AM by David Marshall
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