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VMblog's Expert Interviews: Vittaly Tavor of Cloudyn Talking Cloud in 2016


Cloudyn, a leading provider of hybrid, multi-cloud monitoring and optimization solutions, announced yesterday that it had closed a Series B round of financing in the amount of $11 million. The company also talked about the cloud management industry growing at an astounding rate and becoming increasingly dynamic. To find out more, I spoke with Vittaly Tavor, Co-founder & VP of Product at Cloudyn.

VMblog:  Your company mentioned seeing the enterprise at a tipping point around cloud, why is that?


Vittaly Tavor:  Throughout the year, we witnessed enterprises begin to shift production workloads to the cloud where, in the past, they only had experimental projects. 2015 marks a pivotal moment where cloud has "Crossed the Chasm." As a result, monitoring and optimization tools such as Cloudyn became a necessity for project planning and monitoring of the workload once it started running in the cloud. In fact, enterprises today are seeking solutions like Cloudyn even before shifting into cloud. The aforementioned indicate enterprise cloud-maturity.

VMblog:  What major change do you see enterprise companies making in 2016 around the cloud?

Tavor:  More traditional, low-tech industries (e.g. mining, manufacturing, transport) are going to shift their workloads into cloud, and the majority of enterprises are going to embrace the hybrid model: private deployments bursting into public and vice versa. 

VMblog:  What kind of opportunity does this present for Cloudyn?

Tavor:  Cloudyn is the leader in hybrid cloud monitoring. We are the only solution that presents a clear and consistent picture of the full deployment: private and public, and facilitating the decisions related to project placement, sizing and total cost, just to name a few.

VMblog:  Will there be winners and losers in this new corporate IT shift that is underway? And if so, who are the winners and what kinds of vendors would be at risk?

Tavor:  The winners will be the enterprises who embrace the cloud strategy earlier. These early adopters realize that the cloud is a means to be more agile and ultimately more effective.

The losers will be the small infrastructure providers. As the cloud grows in popularity, more deployments will shift into larger clouds-at the expense of local and smaller hosting companies. Even Rackspace, which is a very successful hosting provider, did not have sufficient funds to sustain a real public cloud and started reselling AWS.

VMblog:  Can you tell me a bit more about Cloudyn's single pane of glass approach, why that is unique and how that benefits companies?

Tavor:  Cloudyn treats a deployment as a single operation. It allows customers to view all of their cloud activities in one place; accurately show aggregated costs and usage for different activities across different clouds (public/private); view all resources (in all clouds) provisioned for specific activities. This insight allows them to confidently take actions (e.g. deciding on a new project location and structure, moving a deployment, selecting a right provider) based on real numbers rather than hunches or feelings.


Once again, thank you to Vittaly Tavor, Co-founder & VP of Product at Cloudyn, for speaking with

Published Tuesday, December 15, 2015 8:14 AM by David Marshall
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