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Axcient 2016 Predictions: Non-production Workloads Will Consolidate onto a Single SaaS Platform

Virtualization and Cloud executives share their predictions for 2016.  Read them in this 8th Annual series exclusive.

Contributed by Todd Scallan, VP of Product and Engineering, Axcient

Non-production Workloads Will Consolidate onto a Single SaaS Platform

As a disaster-recovery company, Axcient works with both virtualization and cloud platforms, ensuring that small and medium sized business can stay up and running regardless of the situation (lost laptop at an airport, business hit by a tornado). Over the past several years we have seen the ups and downs in the market, especially within the world of virtualization and cloud computing. When we look into the future, based on our interaction with companies of all sizes across many industries, and seeing how the market is trending, we predict that in 2016 non-production workloads will consolidate onto a single SaaS platform.

This consolidation has GOT to happen. "Why, you ask? Well, here are a few reasons we have gathered to support our prediction:

  • Non-production data represents a significant cost to IT departments and infrastructure. This is inevitable. As we continue to work in virtualized environments and within the cloud, we continue to gather more and more data that puts pressure on a company's infrastructure.
  • Non-production data necessitates secondary compute workloads for a wide variety of use cases: N+1 resiliency, backup, direct restore, testing/development, archiving, data warehousing, and business intelligence to name a few.
  • Significant IT costs are attributable to having to stand up multiple data centers for compute redundancy. Significant IT costs are also attributable to many copies of the same data resulting from having many different systems for the various use cases cited above (N+1, etc.). These extra costs can be especially crippling for small to medium sized businesses and MUST be mitigated sooner rather than later.
  • Cloud computing makes it feasible to host non-production workloads on demand, but will require an ability to replicate complex environments (data, applications, systems, networks) into a consolidated, on-demand, secondary infrastructure that takes advantage of the elastic computing and cost economics of the cloud.

We are saying this now - in 2016 there will be technologists, CIOs, and COOs looking to SaaS vendors to ease the burdens of IT departments and not create additional work. If our prediction is correct, by this time next year, we will be well on our way to consolidating non-production workloads onto a single SaaS platform.


About the Author

Todd Scallan, VP of Product and Engineering, leads product vision and engineering execution of the Axcient platform, and has more than 25 years of product management and engineering experience.


Published Thursday, December 31, 2015 6:32 AM by David Marshall
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