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Nimble Storage 2016 Predictions: Storage Will Work Smarter, Not Harder

Virtualization and Cloud executives share their predictions for 2016.  Read them in this 8th Annual series exclusive.

Contributed by Dan Leary, VP of Products, Solutions and Alliances at Nimble Storage

Storage Will Work Smarter, Not Harder

The shift from being a passive to proactive business is here. As part of this movement, companies are adopting real-time, predictive tools that allow them to gather colossal amounts of data and turn that data into actions - both from a business and operational perspective.

Storage vendors will be evaluated by their ability to meet this impending need.

In 2016, these vendors, both legacy and next-generation alike, will need to rethink their strategies to stand out and remain competitive.

Companies hone in on actionable data

As more companies strive to become data-driven, the ability to turn data into actions will become an invaluable differentiator. Companies will be able to move faster, ultimately leading to greater innovation and the ability to keep pace with customer demands. Approaches to generating actions from big data will evolve as infrastructure increases in complexity.

Today's data centers present challenges. Multiple teams support a wide array of applications, compute platforms, networking, storage and infrastructure. Turning to individual teams to aggregate the data and generate actionable tasks is not enough. In 2016, vendors that understand interactions across the entire data storage stack will need to be responsible for providing operational intelligence back to data center teams. Prescriptive, expert analysis marks the next step to improving data science and operational intelligence for enterprises. Rather than leaving room for error, prescriptive actions based on scientific data analysis will become a norm. CIOs will take notice of the benefits and emphasize operational intelligence as a vital part of their strategy when making strategic decisions.

Flash performance gives way to new capabilities 

The criteria for storage is changing. The more vendors tout high-performance, flash-optimized storage offerings, the less weight performance carries. Now performance is table stakes. When considering a vendor, performance is giving way to other primary differentiators such as scalability, reliability and even predictive analytics offering real-time visibility.  

IT teams are bombarded with day-to-day issues and rarely have the time to focus on building out architectures or fixing system failures. With the sheer amount of data generated each day, businesses are recognizing the importance of holistic solutions that extend beyond performance. As infrastructures continue to become more complex, a solution's scalability, reliability, data integrity, manageability and in-built data protection and predictive analytics capabilities will now be top of mind for IT decision makers.

Being a fast-paced, proactive enterprise will be a priority in 2016. The adoption of automated solutions that can quickly identify and resolve issues will free up IT professionals to focus their time on value-add projects rather than investigating and fixing problems. By achieving the true value of data for business and operational purposes, CIOs and IT teams will be able to benefit from greater agility.


About the Author

Dan Leary, Vice President, Products, Solutions and Alliances

Dan is responsible for products, solutions and alliances at Nimble Storage. Dan has a 20-year track record of success in managing industry-leading, award-winning hardware and software solutions. Prior to Nimble Storage, Dan served as vice president of marketing at ConSentry Networks and as vice president of product management at Peribit Networks, where he was instrumental in creating and defining the "WAN Optimization" category. Juniper Networks purchased Peribit in 2005 for $337 million. Dan also held management roles at netVmg, Lucent Technologies, and Bay Networks. Dan holds an MS in engineering-economic systems from Stanford University and a BS in systems engineering from the University of Virginia.


Published Tuesday, January 05, 2016 8:41 AM by David Marshall
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