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5 Reasons Why Contact Centers Are Moving to the Cloud

The adoption of cloud-based contact centers seems to be a worldwide phenomenon. Not more than a decade ago, business leaders were hesitant to make the big move to the cloud. It was seen as too unstable and too risky. However, time has passed, technology has evolved and many minds have changed. Now, today it seems commonplace to utilize cloud solutions, as companies are increasingly quitting their onsite equipment and moving to the cloud instead. Here’s why:


It’s not unlikely for a traditional onsite contact center system to run up a bill of at least a quarter of a million dollars — and that’s for the low-end technology. High-functioning equipment can cost up to $2 million. Once the PBX, dialers and additional equipment is purchased, business leaders and the finance department may be surprised at the tab. Not only is the upfront cost of onsite equipment highly expensive, the maintenance that the equipment requires is quite costly as well. For a better ROI, smart contact center leaders are continuously choosing cloud-based solutions due to the lower, long-term costs.

Scalability and Versatility

The ability to login wherever and whenever in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world is crucial to the success of a contact center. Cloud hosted centers provide a universal solution that works for both in office agents as well as those who work remotely, during business travel or from their office at home. In addition to being highly versatile, allowing employees to log in wherever their location may be, utilizing the cloud also provides scalability to a business. Whatever the needs of the contact center, a cloud solution can be custom tailored and changed as time goes on, depending on the business demands.


Cloud routing is a solution that many cloud-based providers offer to assist in efficiently directing call traffic. With cloud routing, scaling up and down as call volume increases or decreases becomes easier, which makes receiving and directing calls a more efficient process. And, all it takes is a secure Internet connection and a browser. Can you see why more and more savvy business leaders are switching to the cloud yet?

Access to Upgrades

If and when a cloud provider improves their platform, all of their customers generally receive new features, functionality and benefits thereof at no extra cost. Aspect, the world’s largest enterprise cloud contact center and workforce optimization solution, which offers Web chat, voice, email, instant messaging and video as well as additional omnichannel solutions to its customers, is just one of the cloud-based solutions that is constantly evolving the innovative technology. Aspect also offers helpful customer resources such as support and training to customers. A perk that many who use outdated onsite equipment users do not have access to, unfortunately.


Most business leaders want their employees to be more productive, right? After all, it comes down to the bottom line. And productivity is big when it comes to the success of a company. If moving from one technology, such as onsite equipment, to another, such as cloud solutions, would boost productivity among the workforce, it’s a no-brainer that many leaders would make that switch in an instant. This is just one of the reasons why cloud technology has been so accepted and embraced. Greater capabilities allow for more people to work together seamlessly, boosting productivity and most importantly, increasing the bottom line.

Published Tuesday, January 19, 2016 11:43 AM by David Marshall
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